Peace of night for writing.

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Its about 1.00 am. I am still awake. It was friday and finished bdc voice meeting some time ago. So many talkings there. Though i don't talk but i am a goof listener Hahaha. I just listen to those guys talking and type anything if i have to say or reply on the voice-chat-text channel. Basically that was an amazing time and as we are running through contest so that was also an enjoyable week for us.

I always sit for writing in the midnight around 12.00 am or after 11.00pm. Some may say i am just ruining my habit of sleep. Actually i too agree that i am ruining. I am a late riser in the morning. So that's how the cycle goes. I also plan for changing the cycle but you know that habits are very tough to change. Well, its not my today's topic to talk about. I wanted to tell the benefits of choosing this time for my writing.

If i want to talk about the environment of that time then first of all i would like to focus on that. In this time everything is calm and silent. There is no rush of life and the environment seems to be too much calm. That's a perfect time for any work of concentration. I can easily look at the dark sky and watch the twinkling little stars and by closing my eyes i can clearly think of a lot to write. Ah! What a feeling. Have you guys ever tried? do try that sometime.

Moreover this is the time when i can say that i have nothing to do now. I am free from any kind of others activities. Like i or you can't be available the whole day free for giving a continuous time kr concentration on writing. It do needs quite a good time to finish. So in the night we can sphere a good amount of free time for our writing activities.


Sometimes i also try to write relating any activity i have done that day.Like if i travelled to a beautiful place and gathered some good experience then in the night i may sit down to share those with you guys. Also any kind of learning or share worthy incidents maybe also come with my writing happened in the day time or before the writing period in the night.

I also love to read the contents of hive at night. Because i am trying to avoid the addiction of facebook and give it here. So i try to to spent those time on hive. So in night its the best time for me to go through others contents. In the day time i may not be able to do everything properly. Sometimes i find myself finishing a post half and get lost in some other works and get forgot about that. That's messy i am. Hahaha. Not really! I am trying to mold myself.

All the writing is about why i prefer to use this period for my writing or hive activity. But i am not encouraging others to do that also, i also don't agree with staying awake late at night as that's physically harmful. I do try myself best to finish everything within a good period of time and fall asleep. Hope i will overcome these too.

Another things, nights are the best place for me to think. I can easily turn off my internet connection, keep the phone and other's aside and think of anything to write or do. That's the best thing i feel about.Well let me share a funny experience of yesterday. I thought of writing something but i was feeling lazy too. So i took the mobile and went to bed for writing. I closed my eyes and thought of thinking many things. When i opened my eyes it was 3.30 am. Damn! I was sleeping. Hahaha. I couldn’t even realise when i was falling asleep. Then woke up,prepared for sleep and slept again. Btw whatever it is i do also love sleeping. Another day maybe share some amazing things about sleep from me.

So guys thats it for today, Hope you guys are doing well. If you have anything to say about my this writing or about the topic then feel free to let me know through comment box. Thank you for your time. Have a good time.


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