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How many of you live in joint families? I think many of us do. In my one i live with my parents and a little sister, my elder brother lives abroad. So you may call it a little family. From the beginning we are like this. I never got the feeling of living on a joint family. But i do have a great pleasure on seeing the joint families. Let me clear it. I have a friend who lives with his grandparents and uncles. I mean to say in a joint family. I have seen how much love he gets from the grandparents.

When his grandfather passed away i have seen the deepness of his love,how sad he was! Well we all do love our grandparents but i never got the chance to show that because i lost them in my early childhood. Well that's why i get so much happiness on seeing joint families. They have cousin's to live together, play together. Houses are full of people's and so much to do. Well,in some cases we do see too much problems in joint families but today i just wanna talk about the positive things with you guys.


Well i live in a nuclear family that doesn’t mean we are separated due to any kind of conflicts. They are separated by their own will but still we are not very far,just in neighbour areas. In my family my daily life passes with my sister who is five year younger then me. But we are too much friendly and always stay one after another. Our little fights never ends. Hahahaha. She is dearer to dad and i am to my mom. So we have separate backups for everything. Let me share you a funny story about us:

She hasn’t finished her secondary level so doesn’t have any personal phone yet. Now due to covid-19 everything runs on online. So her teachers take classes via zoom app. She uses my mobile for joining as its better compared to the rest phones in the house. She actually do classes on morning when i remain in deep sleep. Sha has a great desire to reveal everything of my phone. Or playing games as much as she can. So for classes she needs to access my phone and i hit upon a plan and made SECOND SPACE. So Everytime she gives her password it takes her to a new world and cant find anything, only the zoom app.Hahaha. One day she is asking me," Why don't i get everything when i unlock the phone? You just unlock and get so many things. Where are they when i do that? " I was just laughing continuously and replied. " My phone doesn’t like you so get lost." and she became furious. Actually our days passes through this kind of mischiefs.

So you can see we are also having fun in our nuclear family but still have a unknown crave for joint families. Those are so sweet to see from our places. Oh another things. On occasions those families becomes more enjoyable with more relatives being at one places. Btw i am satisfied with what i have,all i just want to remain happy in this way.

So guys that's all for now. Hope everyone is doing great. You may also share your thoughts on joint or nuclear families. Actually joint families are reducing day by day due to many positive and negative reasons. Still we need to cope with our situations and move on as it is. Thank you for your time. Have a great time.


Every man have Their own problem and different situation. But i think joint family is better than nuclear..there have many problem we face in joint family..but the benefit it when you sad or cry..many people stand beside you...

Yeah i too have said something like this on. I do miss being on a joint family. Still i am satisfied with the nuclear one just a little bit of eagerness to that. Thank you for your response.

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I like joint family very much. Because happiness and sorrow can be shared together there. Although sometimes there are quarrels. Then I will say that the joint family is really like to enjoy. My uncle's (Mama der family) family is now a joint family. I love to see everyone in their family eat together or do different things together.

That's true, i do also miss joint families. Its very amazing to see how they are united in happiness and sadness.