Troubles and pains on the path of life.

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Have you ever watched a horse race? What did you see there? The jockey try to make his horse run faster and win the race. For that he even hit the horse to run faster and faster. He hits only to make it running fast and keep in track. His goal behind hitting is to make it winner in the race. Same thing goes with our life. Sometimes we get pains in the way but its also meant to have because it is for our wellbeing, it is for us to be the winner in that way.


Well i can give another example which will be matched with all our life. In our school days there were so many punishments for us to in the classes if we had missed our lessons. I can still remember those terrifying moments when it was my turn to have punishments. Hahaha. And after i am done it was enjoyable to see others get beaten up too. Hahahah lol. Ah! Those golden days. Let's come to the point. What were those punishments for? Those were only for teaching us. Those were only for making us completing our daily lessons. Teacher doesn’t get any extra payment for punishing the students, they only did to keep us on track. Maybe we were very angry at those things. Maybe we used to think those unnecessary trouble on us but in reality those were very meant for the wellbeing of us. They did those only for the betterment of us.

This is how our life works in most cases. Often we get pain in the way of many routes in our life. We think those as an unnecessary trouble for us. But when we would realise those things then we would understand them as our helping hand. As the pushing force to move us forward. As i say everything has a cause behind every incident so these are also for the cause of our betterment. Isn't there a famous proverb, "No pain no gain."? Yeah that one. Without any pain there is no gain.

So whenever we get into a work we should always bear in mind this phrase. If we get some trouble or pain in that way then we should not get sick of that, we should encounter that and keep moving because it is also included on that path. Sometimes we see many people or our-self that when we get troubles in any work we get frustrated and leave that.We dont try to conquer that facing those troubles and pain. We don't see the victory through those things. We stop at the mid way and be the loser which is not good.

The sooner we could understand these the smoother the path of our life will be. Otherwise we will stumble in our way of life. Nothing will come to us unless we get into with these pain and troubles.

So guys that's all for now, hope you guys are hale amd hearty. Today it was another writing of mine from my thoughts and opinions. Hope you guys also agree with mine. If you have anything to say then feel free to let me know through comment. I will be very glad on that. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.


I have a saying, when you're deep down, the only thing you have left to do is to push yourself forward, so take heart and continue to do well.

Yeah that's true.
Thank you for your time and opinion. Have a good time!😊

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