The pride of success

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Hello Everyone,

There comes a time in every human life. A good time and a bad time. When the bad time comes, there is no time for people to wear clothes. Excluding food, I have no acquaintance in the streets. Identity is a distant thing, the one who opens his mind and smiles does not have a smile. But there comes a time when he sees some money.

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Maybe he earns a couple of rupees as a result of his many efforts. Maybe his financial well-being comes back one day. He may have spent his life in that bad situation for a long time. He continues to lead himself in a good time, a good moment. There comes a moment of such struggle in the life of every human being. When you have nothing, there will be only human gossip, slander and where it will be understood, your akad, akad understood. When man has nothing, he is meant to be lost somewhere. ThatThe man turns around one day. You can also say that this man has a strong desire.

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Inside every human being but all the time an intense desire works. Today, suppose someone is insulting you again and again. How fast do you qualify and if you can bear these ticks and work hard, one day you will have to turn around in this situation. If you witness this situation and work in your mind that one day you will turn around. Put yourself in front of all the people. You certainly can. But in this moment of turning, many people forget the real beginning. Where did he come from. He forgets that man and arrogance then becomes his main tool.

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When a man has received nothing since childhood. But he gets a lot in life while surviving. However, he deserves to get. Then an intense arrogance works in him. He forgets what to say to whom, how to deal with whom, how to talk, how to express his personality. I can say whatever I want, I can do whatever I want. People then consume money and power. But they do not understand. Money and money are in their possession. They forget this money power is just a puppet in the hands of time. Even if you take it from you at the right time, you will not get tero. There is a proverb. Especially different. But this proverb is effective for everyone.

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Time does not give anyone a chance to be king. The one who became the most powerful king and emperor of real power will one day fall. Your dynasty will be destroyed one day. The reason I say this is because I have seen before my eyes many people who once rose from nothing. There was no money to buy a good dress and come to a good event. But based on their hard work, today they have earned a lot of money and have come to a position where many people know them with respect.A good time has come in their life which means really good admiration and the biggest thing is that it is the most admirable thing that he has turned around. That doesn't mean you have to forget your past. On the ground where your peak is. The ground on which you once stood where you jumped and climbed so high. Today to wear there but it won't take long. So never be arrogant. If you kindle such a fire of arrogance once, it will burn you to pieces.

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I know that these words may sound like poison to many people and many people may not like to hear them. Little do they realize that the advice that once influenced them. When they had nothing. They forget where they came from. They forget they have to leave this world for a while. Everyone forgets about us from this world. Not like going, We have come to collect what is around us in the world and distribute it to everyone around us. When we die, we have to leave this body. But we forget. It is normal to forget because it is called sympathy.

Thanks to all the #Hiver users for bothering to read my post.


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