Don't give up

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Life is often very difficult. When you face one difficult situation after another, further efforts can be tiring. What is the point of constantly fighting when the only reward is another challenge?


Despair settles in and the world seems very dark. Feelings of despair can be devastating. They can make you do things you don't normally do and think of things you don't normally think of. However, at times when feelings attack you, the normality disappears. All that's left is to fight to finally overcome those strong feelings or attempts to finally surrender to them. I can appreciate these feelings so clearly. I know these feelings firsthand. I have experienced despair. And I purposefully chose the word survivor.

First, I believe that people who have won in extreme situations are not victims. Victims cannot. The murder victim died.


These people have survived extreme situations and still going through the physical and mental burden of the said situations. They keep fighting the mental battle every day and every day that they're alive is proof that they haven't given up, that they're ready to fight the next day again.

Second, I chose the word survivor because many times I was just as happy, if not happier, to get out of this world and call it back.

In my overworked and busy mind, it seemed logical that if I couldn't find my goal and I was unlucky, what's the point in overcoming all this pain, effort, and fear? Amazingly, I'm still here. I desperately found the answers I needed, and now I want to share them with others who also know this much more than you can prove. So far you have succeeded too. No matter how much strength and willpower it took to make it, you didn't give up.


Even more surprisingly, I know that you are now taking an active role in creating a future that is different from what you have experienced in the past.

The only way to create something beyond what you've been through is to add new knowledge, new tools, and new resources to your life. I found it changed my life. And what's so exciting - even as you struggle and push and scratch without all your gear - you're here and still.

Think about what will be possible if you have the right equipment. You will not believe how much cooler the so-called life can be! The tools I teach are tools that I have discovered, adapted, and combined to meet my urgent need to find lost joy and purpose that I knew was possible.


I knew there had to be a better way than a constant struggle. Equipment is what frees people. Using these tools, you can write, cook, compose music, build houses, drive a car, fly, and perform feats you never dreamed of before. The equipment allows people to be bigger than they otherwise would be.

First, the creation is based on an understanding of the universal principles of the world. General laws provide this foundation from a combined spiritual and scientific perspective.

There are seven general laws, and one original law governs all your experiences. Current law is based on quantum physics and states that everything is made of energy. Everything. From the chair, you sit on thinking about the chair to the feelings you experience while sitting on the chair. All physical and unincorporated things are just energy at different speeds in different forms that make up the world in which you and I live.


By understanding and applying all global laws, you open your mind to myriad possibilities of what is possible. For example, if you fly a plane but don't understand the laws of gravity and aerodynamics, you can theoretically still fly a plane. You can stand at the control panel and press the gas. However, you probably won't find a pleasant or safe flight. You will not experience the joy and ease of flight and the truly amazing experiences.

Two intentions are contradictory intentions which, if realized, neutralize each other.

If you have conflicting intentions that you aren't aware of, you often won't create or become much. the weakened adaptation of either. The most terrible that can happen is that you get something contrary to what you got ready for the cravings that make disorder in your life.


Making naturally isn't tied in with utilizing general acts to consider what you see and eventually what you feel. The association of every one of these devices is faithful inventiveness and an endowment of trust in yourself; to give the endowment of carrying on with the existence you came here for.

Cognizant innovativeness is endurance without battle, misery, and sadness.


It's tied in with knowing promptly how to change any circumstance and challenge to remain alive. It's tied in with changing your outlook to see the changes, not the boundaries. It's tied in with having the correct instruments to make and satisfy your fantasies, paint show-stoppers of your creative mind, and make music that fills your spirit.


Thank you your post is one I have been thinking about. I have been reading a book talks about the body as a form of energy and that when we died our energy transforms it does not just stop being. The book is called The Seat Of The Soul by Gary Zukav.

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