Suicide doesn't have a face...................

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Quite awkward to share something owned by someone else, but, the message is important. Even though the incidents happened a long time ago, I think you should be aware of it.

I've noticed this message, especially the images on my FB profile. First, I thought why should I care? But, later, I realized it should be spread to raise awareness among the souls around us. Among the newer generation. Cause, our younger generation is becoming the victim of the term 'suicide' way too easily. Certain factors work as influencing matters including utmost dependency on the technology to find laughter, joy, and especially friends.


Back in our days, we had friends. Friends with blood and soul. We could interact more humanely. But, what do have now?
Yes, we have AI now. We have VR/AR now enabling us to enjoy our life in different ways. Or, better I say, in more flexible ways. Controlling what to do, when to do, how to do, and how to get back the feedback.
Well, pretty cool for our coll generation. They are merging them in it nicely. They are enjoying this life, indeed. We're also getting a share out of it as well. With the sophisticated technology, we're finding a strand of relief in our responsibility-oriented life.

But, how long? How far can we go with these silicon friends of us? Even after AI has developed to its peak, can it yet prevent us from committing suicide?


Nah, not so early. Don't know if it can do that in the future. Well, there's research ongoing in an attempt to develop and tailor AI and other AI-based entities more like a human. Maybe, one day science can achieve that with the blessing of the Almighty. But, not too early.


But, one thing is certain that suicide doesn't come up with a face to be detected earlier. You can't say when your friend or neighbor is going to commit the sin. Even you can't say when you'll be suicidal. The reason is still unknown. The reason you find enough to go through the decision; will surely look like just a silly matter to someone else. And it just happens so quickly. Since its mostly mental, none but only you know what's going on in your mind.

So, you have to speak up. You have to make your friend speak up what's going in his/her mind. Be human, it's not a joke. Take it seriously. Learn that you are not alone. Leave your smartphone behind, spare a moment to hang out with your buddies. Maybe you'll find reasons to give up your plan for suicide. Maybe you'll find enough reasons to stop someone else from being suicidal.

Spread awareness! 💚

[images collected from my FB wall]


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