The Fight Series of Life

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From a tiny sperm from our father and a single egg from our mother, we are born.

Our life begins when these two microscopic cells meet. Then, from a single cell, through cell division and reproduction, we get to this human shape — all in the womb of our mother.

After carrying for almost 10 months and 10 days, we are released to this beautiful earth to live, to lead, to die. And with our birth, the struggle begins.

So, life is a series of fights. And you cannot just escape from it without even taking a taste out of it. Even if you die while your birth, you'll find yourself in this fight as well.



Yes, your part in this fight is when you tried to come out of your mother's womb — when your mother tried to give birth to you.

Life actually had an interesting view.

Here, once born, we are either in a fight where we're dealing with the ups and downs of our life.

In another view, if we're not in a fight right now, we might just come out of a fight. And we are exhausted but chilled to think that there's nothing to worry about as the fight is over.

But, the reality is, there’s a fight waiting for us just around the corner laughing at us maniacally. Sometimes, we see memes like a certain year had its mouthful when the next once is waiting for us with a big black bamboo to beat us as hard as possible. Yep, life is involved in that sort of fight.


So, are we ready to accept the fights?
What happens when we nod to the fact that life is a series of fights?

Either we become indifferent to it or prepare ourselves to embrace the impact. And, it's better we do the latter one.

So, first thing first. We need to learn how to fight first. It should be our primary concern, there's no escape from it. You cannot run away from the fights as you'll never outrun it. It lives within you. It feeds on you. You make it stronger and its weakness depends on you.

On top of that, trying to run away from it will be your worst nightmare — because, life is all about fights.

So, running away from the fights means you're running away from your life; you are suicidal. And, believe me, suicide won't solve anything. Neither will it realize the aftermath nor undo the action.

So, the thing you can do is — acknowledge the battle, put on the armor, and set your course to the right destiny.

Remember, our fiercest battle will be with ourselves. Defeating your inner self will be the hardest part, yet, the noblest part to start with the battle.

Learn from the past, analyze your present, prepare for the future. This will help you win the battle ahead.

In the meantime, fight for your success, fight for your soul, fight for your love, fight for your family, and most importantly, fight for the cause of your birth — serving humanity and your creator.

Get up and hit the first blow as hard as you can. Your creator will help you win the fights ahead if you have the heart — the heart of a nobleman.

Always remember.....

Allah will never give you something that you can't handle




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