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The fact about gaining maturity over the time, is somehow a lesson that needs to be mastered over the time. Be that it may, there are still debates which goes on about the fact of maturity. Let me share my point of view and some facts which I have encountered over the time. Please note, these are my thoughts which has nothing to do with any others.

Over the time of my small life, after encountering people from different profession and from different zones (country), I have to say, among the few things which I was able to learn was the difference between one another are immense and needless to say the way of thinking among those people are also phenomenon. Thus learning never stops and basically when you have an open platform to explore (internet) the opportunity to acquire knowledge increases exponentially. There is probably a saying, The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know!



All these fuzz about being recognized or getting the popularity does not really have an affect on a person. When you see the reality much closely, our perspective changes. The family becomes the priority and more importantly the people you care for becomes the most part of our life. You become aware of the fact of how life can change and how others comments does not really matters a lot. You learn from the mistakes and even you sort out the life in ways which is best for you. The fact still remains, is it time which makes people mature or is it incidents/real life experiences which makes a person mature? I do not really have any regrets, I tried the best and still making an effort to march forward. If I get to done it, I won and if not, I learned something from that experience. As simple as that!

When I look at the past of my life and when I see the youngsters of the present times, I really feel glad that I have actually lived the life. As surprising as it sounds the innovation might have brought significant changes in our life (in good ways) but it has also ruined the mentality of certain people in ways that is unimaginable. Ohhh I have plenty of examples to give but for now I just want to say, certain online portals which have degraded the mentality of these so called online stars have ruined their perspectives of actually living the life or to be more precise these actions have changed their thoughts in ways, which are unimaginable. In my country I had an incident few days where a so called TIK TOK star (groups) attacked an engineer for saying something against them as they were making a fuss on the road. Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying all the TIK TOK users are bad or worse, I am just referring to the fact how some sort of popularity can change the mentality of some people and that even in a way which is really unexpected.

It kind of depends on us, how we face the situations. It is you, who can take the decision. Either make the right use of it or learn while doing all sorts of mistakes along the way. But at the end some people learn very much easily while some learns little late! The race is on!

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is it time which makes people mature or is it incidents/real life experiences which makes a person mature?

To answer that question based on my own perspective, I will say it more of experiences. After all they don't call it the greatest teacher for no reason. Although time has its own effects as well which contributes to the maturity of a person. But it is little compared to what experience can give.