First Half of the Year is GONE....

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Hello everybody....

What a year 2020 has been! Too many surprises and too much for the people to see all at once. It all came as a surprise and it will stay with us for a very long time. Whatever people say but this probably made us realize how simple and how little we are against nature. A puny virus which is not even visible by naked eyes, made the whole world crumbled and taught us this hard lesson.

Half of the year 2020, is GONE!!

The year did not start by the actual way we thought it would be. Which made many of us puzzled. But I suppose there was much more to it and honestly, mother nature has made us see what we were actually missing. In addition to that, the resolution of 2020 has changed for many of us as well.


What have you been up to?

This pandemic almost got us all. The effect of it has made a drastic effect which made us change the course of our lives in different ways. I am not sure how it affected your country but mine was hit very badly, in fact still now the situation is not under control. On the contrary, it is going worse as we speak.

  • Getting Fired :

If you still have not been laid off, from your job, then you are among those lucky ones. But due to the ongoing economic crisis situation have gone really bad and these layoffs have been impacting thousands of lives from the core. The people who lived their life via these jobs they are bound to take routes which they never really thought before. FYI, I was one of those and I am not really sure how to really put it, but this could turn out a pleasant journey for me and I could literally restart my life.

Resolution for the remaining Year

Time and tide waits for none! This phrase have taught me a lot. Now since I have taken a step back by being laid off from my job, I can either cry for it and waste time, or I shall stand up from where I am and think of a way to make myself get out of these hazardous situations.

Freedom is something that you should thrive for. Some people are meant for standing up and chase their dream. Life does give our options and allows a person to choose their desired path. I think this pandemic has made many people realize that. It is just about standing up to what you want and the will to make it happen. Once the first step is taken, the next steps become much easier than expected.

We still have half of the year for us. Plenty of options and opportunities are out there waiting for us. I am still not certain how I will utilize the rest of this year for me but I am pretty daman sure, I am not going to make an excuse for this pandemic and just sit back and watch this year pass by me. Learning is a continuous process, you can educate yourself and keep on making thyself a better person then you were yesterday or just sit back and keep on complaining like others. The choice is always yours!!

Since I am diving more into crypto I am searching for options which will allow me to say at some point in the future, that I took the right decision at this point in my life. Guys, there is always an option for us. You just need to knock at the right door and seek what you really want for everything to come into effect for yourself. Until then, you should not stop yourself, rather keep on going and make the situation work in your favor.

I hope you find the right track for yourself!! Let's meet at the top of success!!

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Good information and view of 2020. My Country is one of the worst for sure as far as Covid-19 they are talking about going back into lockdown. I like everyone else have lost a lot of time at my job and just got closed again for 2 more weeks. This year has been crazy and I know many of us would like a re-start. lol I guess we all just need to take every precaution we can and keep a positive attitude.