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Hello everybody

I hope you are having an excellent day/night, wherever you are. Have you ever wondered how much effective does a post becomes when you make the formatting of it a little exclusive or you move it from the level of generic to the next level?

One of the most important aspects of creating content is not how the post looks or the design of it rather what the value holds within that particular content. If you get to make your audience understand what you are trying to give to them than I suppose you have already succeeded in delivering the right content to them.


When you reach a certain point, where you are having an impact in some ways for your content consumers, it is better to make some improvements to the contents of yours. From the generic level to the next level. For blog posts, there are different ways to make your post look visible little more interesting and exciting by the use of some TAGS/markdowns and tools.

post post post post.png

  • Now, why would someone go that far to make their post reach to the next level?

If I simply put it, the more attractive a post is, the more visibility it gets among the competition among others. In fact, when we browse through different contents over any social media the THUMBNAIL, TITLE really plays a huge role in attracting us towards any particular content. The same goes for the post formating part as well. In other words, it shows how much effort a person has given to that particular content of theirs.

Let me share some visible difference in using/not using these tags for a post:

In picture number one, as you may see, the word BUT is at the left side of the post. And from what I can say, it does not look as effective as it does on the second image.



On the second image, I have used the tag/markdown of <center>your desired phrase</center>

Similarly, you might have noticed, there are different content creators who make their images move to the left/right of a paragraph, and that gives some additional look to the post. Which makes it visibly attractive to read through the post. Like the one below!

Here, on this side you can share your thoughts about your current discussion and it shall add some extra vibes for the reader of your content.

Here, on this side you can share your thoughts about your current discussion and it shall add some extra vibes for the reader of your content.

The markdown that I have used in both these images were :

  • To make the image move to the left side :

<div class="text-justify"><div class="pull-left">Image link</div>

  • To make the image move to the right side :

<div class="text-justify"><div class="pull-right">Image link</div>

There are a variety of ways to give your post a different look. And there are different markdown guidelines as well where you can get different markdown's to use for your post, which will make your post a little more attractive than they were.

Check out here:

Nevertheless, these are just some additional toppings for your posts, which may make your post look a little more creatively active or give the post a different look but these will not increase the value of your post like the way your words of the post would. So, increase the value of your post by your words and add some variety by these markdowns. Both of these combinations shall make your post visibility reach to the peak where it should be.

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These are some good points on dressing up your posts using Markdown. Nobody wants to see a post with just text on it and many of the Markdown codes are easy to use and make your posts look so much more appealing.

Yup, over the time I realized that and so far I do try to use markdowns in almost all my posts. It does make the post look a little better than normal. Do you use them in your posts?

Good morning brother
This post will help me a lot in the future.Thank you soo much for sharing such an informative content

Good evening bro
I am glad that the post will come to use of yours, apparently, that was the plan all along. I hope you will be using them often in your upcoming posts.

Very useful and helpful. Thanks.

I am glad that you find the post useful brother. Have a nice day ahead.