Has the effect of CORONA vanished?

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I was thinking for some time, what really happened this year? How it effected us and mostly, what have we learned over the period?

I have been going out of my house very often nowadays. The reason I am saying it, is because over the past few months, I only got our of my house if only any emergency came up or I had go grocery shopping. Aside that it was just home and me. You may also say that, I was no less than in a prison but with all the facilities of luxurious that I can possibly afford ;)


I have been noticing few changes nowadays, while I am going out! The thing is, people are not really giving a damn about COVID like they used to or to be more precise, it somehow feels like COVID has vanished in thin air. While as per speculation in next few months we might as well cross the second stage of ultimate pandemic of covid in my country. Not that we have seen enough but the situation is getting worse than predicted. Well there are few reasons why it is happening and what is reason people are not being cautious about corona?

One of the main reason some people are not taking COVID seriously are those who lives on a daily wages. I can not imagine how these past few months have been for them and how much they have actually suffered. Only those who goes through such situation can know the actual pain of those people. I recently saw a video of an old age person, who was selling sugarcane on a bridge, it was raining cats and dogs and that man had just towel around his neck and he wore a lungi. He was shivering and selling those sugarcane. It was an emotional moment and believe me, we are better in our own circumstances. Be thankful to the Almighty.


There are other sets of people, who still are arguing about the fact of COVID even existing. These are mostly seen among old aged people (no offense) as far as I have noticed though. Even in my family my garndmother thinks of it that way. I am just saying it from my personal experience btw. They believe in the fact of birth and death are all in the hands of GOD and if COVID gets them, this was also written. Yes, I do believe in Almighty as well. That does not mean, I will not take actions for my activities. The notion is laid down this way, I do not need to work, GOD has already written how my death will happen, so why bother! The first biggest change comes from within! Change thyself and the world shall change!

And at last stage there are those who thinks fashion will not exist if they follow the proper guidelines of being able to make themself secure at this time of COVID. Ahm Ahm Ahm I hope my dear readers already know what I am talking about, so let us not go into any more details lol

And there comes people like me. Who still tries to maintain as much safety precaution as possible. Nowadays, whenever I go out wearing masks and gloves, people tend to look at me like I am an alien and I have to face some awkward situation at the end. But what I always think is, "my life, my responsibility". I will keep doing so, till I feel myself secured under the circumstances. And hopefully that day will not be far away.


Please note, I am not judging anyone. I am well aware, we all have our needs and survival instincts. We do what we do, for the sake of us and our loved ones. But you still need to care about yourself and your dear ones. So try to take necessary precautions as much as possible, to make yourself secured, under the current situation. Stay Safe!

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whenever I go out wearing masks and gloves, people tend to look at me like I am an alien.

In the beginning of the post while i was expecting to say this line. Hahaha. Its totally accurate. It looks like i am an alien among these people.

I always think is, "my life, my responsibility".

Yeap,that's the main thing. For me there is another thing that matters to me is My Family. I am young,i may be able to be strong enough to pass through this but what about my family? Can they pass through this if i take this disease to my home. That's really a great concern for me which makes me more careful.