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The path of our lives are different from one another. Happiness, sorrow, enjoyment, approval/disapproval everything have their own way which reveals its forms along the path of our lives. Some of those situations becomes difficult to handle, while some of those memories stays with us for the lifetime. I have a small theory, which somehow have helped me go through some rough and tough times of my life, "Whatever life throws at me, I take it with open arms". Now the question is, I can do whatever with those options, once I accept those analogies ;)

Inner Satisfaction is probably the most difficult aspect to fulfill in our life. Some people have a dream of having money, passion of loved ones, discovering new habits, traveling and what not. Sometimes it even crosses the desire and becomes more like an aggression towards that inner peace of life. I really wonder about certain individuals, who really lost the purpose of their life along the way of exploring the life. But lucky are those who found the purpose of life in their own way.

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Speaking of making the right choices in life, there often comes the situation of choosing between right and wrong choices of life. Let me share a small incident, my brother stayed abroad for some time and he shared one of his experience with us. The thing is, there are certain rules and regulation in our religion which you must abide by and among them one is to stay away from any sort wine or any alcohol. In his words he described, he went through an option of working on a bar as a bartender, which could have given him a lot of money but he refused to do that job because of the alcohol issue and due to that he did not have food for a day or two (Money issue). He was too much determined to go with the rules of the religion. Even if he would taken the job, he could have avoided drinking that stuff but he was not willing to take the risk. The only reason I am sharing this incident is because, life really gives us options, it might be tough but you have the opportunity to believe in your passion and in yourself as well.

Nothing can eventually make you satisfy, unless you make yourself realize what you really want. The urge of the need never really tends to settle with a definite amount, it always wants more and more. Do not follow that path. Be happy with what you have but be ambitious though. Do not mix ambition with greed! If you do, well you will eventually fall prey to the greed anyway. Believe me You do want that! So be happy people and stay safe!

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