Is it the time || Converted my USD to HIVE...

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Hello traders and watchers....

Hive seem to have arrived to it's bottom for the month of MAY. As you may possibly notice a resistance that is somehow being protective out in that price but even after that it seemed to be broken down. While for a moment I thought we might see a come back from that lowest but I am having different thoughts right now.

Even though the volume of trades in HIVE-USD pair is quite low, I tend to keep an eye on that sometimes. For some time I have been buying slowly as the price was decreasing from it's range of 45 cent. But every-time a spike happens the gravity seemed to be pullling it down somehow and surprisingly the volume increases as soon as the price increases a little (ahm ahm manipulation).


But either way it is tough to say what could possibly happen to the market right now. As we are noticing some some price of BTC shoveling around 10k for some time.

I did not wanted to take any sort of risk, so just shoved my USD to Hive. I do try to keep some liquid for times like this where somehow an opportunity might come and I get to buy back in with some more profits. Now I am not aware, neither it is a financial advice, I am just following my guts. But either way time will probably tell what is going to happen.


At current market price it is about 30 cents. Looking forward to what happens tomorrow. This seems to be a very crucial time to what to actually do. As deciding to keep an asset liquid or to wait a little longer to see whether your favorite crypto goes down and you want to get some more. I can not stay awake for 24 hours straight for the next few days or else would have got the lowest by sticking to the screen of the monitor. So this is it for me. While if it gets little more lower than probably I will get some more if I have some liquid. Fingers crossed to that.

Stay safe in Corona situation everyone!!


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Best regards

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I hope you are right. It is hard to tell with something that is so new.

If the .30 level breaks, we could be in for much lower levels.

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Seems like we are in a critical position right now and the it is still around the position of .30. Yet, let's see what really happens. If it gets lower =, might get some more as well : )

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Yes I would agree it is a critical point. We could hold the .30 level which would be a powerful statement by the market on HIVE.

A drop below might start a mass run down into the teens. I dont think there is much to stop it from hitting .15 from these levels.

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Sounds great. Though I'm not an investor or treader but I guess it's quite a good time for that.

Let's see if I made the right decision or not 🙂

I got my buy order filled at 3400. I waited patiently for this to fill since that massive pump lol! But majority of my buy orders are still at a much lower price. As you said, It's always good to have some extra liquid to stack up in case price goes down further.

All the best for us all then, who are waiting for the price to go little more down and to bag up some cheap hive before it spikes up even further : )

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