Need a long Break...

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It might sound little awkward, when I am talking about a break! As we have been on a break, ever since COVID hit us real bad and it has been couple of months already. Now, I suppose I need a small/long break away from all the COVID tension. I am aware it is difficult to get away from COVID but there are places where you can be, to get away from the usual routine of your life maybe a small change might bring back the rhythm of my life, which I practically lost over the past couple of months. I am not asking for a lonnnnnnnng vacation but probably for few days to get away from Internet life.

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Where am I planning to go?

I am still not sure, where will I end up going but a group of travelers on my city arranges trips very often and they often goes to places which are magnificent. I wanted to book my sit couple of times in the past but always something came up at the end. I hate that feeling :( But I can't complain about that, as we need to do what needs to be done, in order to survive. But wherever I end up going, you fellows will be a part of that trip somehow ;)

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I was planning to go somewhere, I could be close to the nature. If I have to give an example, I would say probably in a resort which is amidst the nature. When you wake up in the morning, the sunshine will fall upon the face of yours and you will be greeted with warm breeze. Thus you will smile and wake up from a deep sleep overnight. Damnnn!!! What happened to me. Am I being tooo much poetic lol!

Whether or not, this year may not have gone as planned but once we get past this hazardous situation, I have a different path to explore. And if goes successfully, I will probably end up creating the path of my life in a new way. Not that I am not liking the way how it is going but that would be little better than what it is now. Till I get my vacation (of sorts), I am stuck with my old routine as usual! Do you have any recent plans to go for a trip or vacation?

Best regards


Well, I have the same feeling as you sometimes... and lately, very often... Just to take a break of this craziness that's happening, and exactly as you described... Go out from the wooden cottage, breathe the morning air, and maybe go fishing on the nearest lake...

I hope you will execute your plan! Wish you the best!

Go out from the wooden cottage, breathe the morning air, and maybe go fishing on the nearest lake

My dream vacation :) sometimes I really wonder, how some small things changes the course of our happiness. Hope you get the vacation soon as well!

Oh my goodness. You described how I feel to a tee. LOL. I do make sure I take a day off each weekend, but sometimes it doesn't feel like enough. We all have been working so hard here on the blockchain, plus with life events pressing on us. It's no wonder we would be mentally exhausted after awhile!

Definitely take that trip if you can. Reconnecting & aligning with yourself, especially in nature, would be the best thing for you. It sounds amazing. Now, you got me trying to think of something lol.

Sending pixie dust your way! I hope you get to do that soon. You will come back feeling better than ever! :)💖

hey Pixie :)
Yup, sometimes it just becomes intolerable but I suppose we have to keep on going for the survival instinct. Well, it would change if we see HIVE in a better position in the next coming years. Then all we have to do is sit back and relaaaaax lol. While, hoping to get that trip soon :) Have a nice time Pixie, see you soon!!

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Beautiful countryside for a walk and taking a break. Thank you for sharing and congrats on being Russell's post of the day

I am glad that you enjoyed, dropping by.

We all need to get away and reenergize I believe 😀

Yup, once in a while it does helps.

Nice pictures natures beauty at it's best in your post Rehan @rehan12 ! I hope you get a break from your daily routine in order to go and be part of that. Be sure and stay in touch and let us know how that goes. :)

Hopefully it will be soon :)
Thanks for dropping by mate.

I haven't been on a good camping trip in for ever. It would be good to get away from everything, for a few days, and just relax worry free.

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