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Good morning tech lovers..

If you are already reading this post then I have already proven my point (at least 1/3 of it already). Keep on reading and you shall know what I am referring to!

As of this day, technology has seen so much advancement which preferably is one of the best evolution which happened to us over time. And no wonder we are seeing the result of it in our everyday life. I am positive that almost every house as of today has seen the touch of technology in one way or another. Talking about this matter might reflect some of the issues which I am going to present in my post.

I was thinking of sharing some information on how Social media have made a significant impact in my daily life activities. Not only that but it has driven me towards a new path which I never thought of coming neither have I ever thought it would come to this phase. But after all this here I am sharing my story.


  • Entertainment :

What better way could be to pass the time other than on social media. Masala news, chats, and what not you name it and it will be in the tip of your finger. I can literally spend my whole day in front of my computer screen by browsing through different social media. And If I am being honest, that would probably be a nice patch for me to get away from all this hassle.

Don't be surprised! As this happens to me often, well nowadays it has stopped and the monetary value of TIME has been inserted in my brain. So I am consuming less drama nowadays and focusing on there facts which might be helpful to me in one way or another.


  • Monetary Value

Now you can make your time useful and turn it to gold or even much more valuable than that. Either make the proper use of it or waste it into the gutter. When I see my friends putting up status and sharing their info, a small and tedious smile comes across my lips and I read them silently. They are those people who are known as celebrity in their own profile. No offense anybody but I am probably the coolest person in my own world and I know it, TIA! Jk folks.

Giving value to time is probably not possible for everybody. Some people are living in their own world of dilemma and comprising emotions over facts. I remember the phrase "Time and Tide wait for None".

This is my current wallet on, it should input some thoughts of how am I monetizing my time over a social media. I am a very normal person on this huge chain but still, I have a saying over this chain. I won my id, I own my assets and I do not run after fake likes or comments ;) (You know what I mean)

  • Affect

Living in a compact country where the thought of people are limited, I have seen how people get afraid of situations/changes which they have no idea of. New things, new changes scares them thus we see a lot of bans and rulings over certain things in our lives. I am probably not financially free yet but I am where I am just because I wanted to try sth different and that passion drove me this far. Now, it is all about your instinct and your way of diversifying opportunities and making them work. People will always say something! It is your thoughts, which matters the most.

There is always a way, you just need to find it! Starting over might sound difficult but if you like it, it is worth all the effort!! Stay safe guys and happy journey!!

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There is no doubt that in our day's social networks have taken a leading role and I agree with some of your thoughts about it.

However, the use of social networks also involves risks, by living in a social environment without direct friction with the other, although to be honest, I must also admit that there are many exceptions and advantages in social networks when you use it with awareness and purpose.

Yup, I do agree with your words. It is somehow like a double-edged sword. But at the end of the day, it is all up to us and how we use a phenomenon and make the proper use of it. If not for Hive, we would not have been in this conversation after all. Making a new friend in this chain. But I hope people the right value of their TIME and make the proper use of it everytime.
Glad to meet you and have a nice dau ahead.

Me too.


Take care a lot.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. At least if you are doing block chain social media you can get paid for your efforts.


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