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That awkward moment, when you feel like you do not want to do the task at hand but you have to do it without even liking it! Been there done that. It feels little off but I suppose some of us are tied to the so called rules o the society. Nevertheless, I suppose it is what it is. While I possible have never taken the risk of faith or the leap of faith. To be honest, I suppose situations have never really evolved like the way where I had to take such rough decisions. But either way I am glad that it turned out the way it has.


Being a full time online creator have never really been easy. Well it might be different after a certain point of dedication and hard work but when you are just beginning your journey, I can say it with almost 100% guarantee, it is definitely not easy, unless you are a celebrity of some sorts. Besides choosing a career which is self made, it is not really given much priority over in my country. So that is also out of option for many! The most major issue which really pushes majority of the youth is, live the usual life of 9-5 job and be at the mercy of someone else. I might sound rude but it is indeed the reality of life.

The support of Family :

This is what is needed for a regular person to reach to his/her full potential. I can not speak for others but without the support of my family, I possible could have come where I am right now. It has been a rusty journey but it was worth it. The respect and the support of the family makes a person realize the value of that individual. Now for the sake of argument lets say when I started going through the stuffs via online (wanted to get a steady income from online activities) I received many negative comments of how this will not be productive and how it would not really be of any help to me. But after couple of months of hard work and when the results started to came in the thoughts of those person started to change and here I am writing about that incident. Remember, If it was easy, everyone would have done it

While what I am implying is, few things will act as a backbone for yourself in creating a future for yourself.To be more precise these actions will decide how your future will be. Your mental strength, hard work, right timing along with support from your dear ones shall lead you to victory. Saying it from personal experience and not that I have reached to the peak but one the way to there. See you at the top reader! ;)

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Best regards

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