Taking care of the Roof-Top Garden....

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Hello everybody....

It has been humid for the last couple of days. Usual tasks are being halted and it is getting tiresome. But I have been busy with some other tasks as well and among them was maintaining the small garden on our rooftop. There are some plants growing in a very nice manner and hopefully, the weather will not affect it in a negative way in their growth.

Due to this temperature being up at day time and down at night, it is causing many difficulties for many of us in my country. It is resulting disease for many of us, especially cold flu, which is happening due to the temperature change.

The Naga chili

The seeds of this plant are very much healthy, as I was told. And I have had this plant's Naga chili once in the past. It was very very very spicy. The aroma of it was very fragrant and vibrant as well. As when I was having this Naga Chili with DAL in my lunch, the spiciness really took me for granted. I basically am not a spicy lover so I was not able to have that much of this chili. So I am looking forward to the growth of this plant.



Now I am not really sure if this plant will ever bear fruit. As from what I have seen, guava plant needs much more space to grow and it takes much more care to see the fruits going on it. Not so hopeful about it but yeah it is nice to have this plant and it is the most biggest plant currently in the garden.


Mint Leaf

This is really a useful plant. I never really cared for this type of plant in the past. But thanks to my mother, I am getting little used to some changes in my eating habits. Have you ever had mint leaves, in your TEA? Just put the leaves in your black tea. The taste changes and from what I heard, it is also healthy. If you have not tried it out, do give it a try.



Nothing much about this plant. It is growing left and right. I mean it's growing its branches all over the places. In a way, it is good to see that happening. It kind of feels like the garden is little bigger than usual.

Untitled design.gif

cilantro leaves

Usually known as Dhonepata in my country. Nothing fancy but it is one of the most used vegetable in almost all the dishes in my country. While I have already picked it up and used it in a dish yesterday. It felt nice tbh. Pure vegetable without any chemicals.


Well, overall, it felt really nice to take care of the plants and nothing much to be done btw just the usual task of giving them water and taking care of some small things like, whether everything good or not. Last week I had to relocate them as during day time the Sunlight was affecting the plants very much. So these are just small tasks that need to be taken care of in the garden for myself once in a while. As I am possibly 24/7 in my house for the last few months, this is no hard task at all.

So what have you been doing at your houses? Did you acquire any new sets of skills? or what are you being up to lately? Let me know!!


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Hi brother
Nice to read your blog.It's amazing to read. During these quarantine days I started to learn a little bit about guitar playing. Its hard though. But alas! I broke my guitar last week 😥

Wow, I always had an attraction towards GUITAR but seems like I am very much non-enthusiastic in that field lol. But glad to know you are trying sth new in this period. Besides, this is indeed a long vacation for us all, better make the best use of it.
Oops sorry to hear about your guitar, hope u fix it ASAP!!
Have a gr8 day ahead : )

Mint leaf are looking very fresh. That's a great idea at all for your leisure time.

Yup, bro at least better than that we get from the market ;)
Will try it out this week !!

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