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Situations which are unexpected, makes our life interesting and full of excitement. It might sound a little awkward but it is what it is! Just imagine, if you knew what would happen at the very next moment of your life, that would explicitly make the path ways of our life boring and little bit awkward as well. The suspense is indeed what makes it worth it.

Today quite a few incidents took place with myself, some of them were kind of weird and few were very much unexpected. I have been having some problems with my sleeping schedule for the last three, four days. It does happens to me quite often and I am already used to it. But the interesting thing happened with a phone call, which came in the early morning. Since I was awake I took it and was quite surprised to receive that call. One reason was, it was a client's call whose work I did about two or three years ago. To summarize it, he wanted a task to be done by me for him. BTW he was calling from UK lol. Honestly, that shook me even more, as I was just an employee of that firm while I did his work. He remembered me and collected my contact number after going through some hassle, as he said to me. I did say him to contact the owner of the firm but he refused to do that and wanted the work to be done by me. After coming to a neutral ground I did accept his offer and confirmed of doing his job. Quite interesting because good behavior and professionalism really comes in handy in every step of our life. I agree none of us are perfect but when we do something, we should give it our all!


While, in addition to that I lost a job today! Not that I was looking for that particular job but it was more like, it was offered to me. The thing is I know the owner who offered me the job and somehow I know his behavior from deep within, as we are in the same neighborhood. In a word he is not really a friendly person and not wise enough when it comes to moneeeeee. Even though the salary was quite handsome but yet what I learned over the years, if the environment of the job is not satisfactory, the productivity does not increase at all. Thus the satisfaction does not comes within thyself as well. So it is not really worth the hassle.

The weather change is affecting few of my family members as well. Had to take them to consult a doctor. So there is that. Time really passed very fast today and I am really tired today lol. Need a good night sleep and probably some good music before I go to bed. But over all whatever happened today, Alhamdulillah. I believe everything happens for a reason. And whatever is suppose to happen, will happen no matter what. See you soon everyone. Stay safe!

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