Unforeseen Events

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Good morning/evening guys...


If I ever get asked, how may times I have messed up? Then the answer would probably be, "uncountable times". Not that I am too proud of them but I suppose, they were much needed events which have given me some much needed/unexpected lessons. Well, sometimes you become lucky and most of the times, not really!!! ;)

To start the fact with some unwanted circumstances, I really want to start with as basic as possible, by that I mean to say, the regular stuffs which seem to happen with me quite often nowadays. And to start with, "Forgetting a topic", this has happened with me a lot of time. I usually take notes whenever I find a topic to write something upon it but sometimes I get too lazy to do that. Due to that, when I actually start to write about that particular topic, I ran out of ideas or I completely forget what the topic actually was! That moment really sucks tbh!!

The next one has probably happened to me uncountable times. I have probably gotten used to it as well :( . It is getting hard for me focus on a singular subject right now, which is getting involved on different areas of expertise have probably made me loose focus on certain subjects and that is why, I keep on procrastinating works at my disposal. But nevertheless, working on that phase and slowly multi tasking needs to be dealt with in the right way. While not that it is not helping me in obtaining certain types of knowledge and I am possibly grateful for that as well. Work is indeed fun, when you know enjoy it doing!


The next exquisite fact is when you know you could have made some bucks out of the blue but you lost that opportunity due to some hesitation that you have at that moment. In this situation, I am talking about TRADING. Trading is by far the easiest and yet one of the most dangerous way to make money. That moment of hesitation when you are making profits or loosing can really be a painful one, when all of this settles down. But I suppose almost every person who trades gets over that feeling after a certain period of time. Even though I consider myself a nob, waiting to get on that phase of the cycle ;).

Well sometimes these events might be little overwhelming to handle (as I am relying a lot on these facts in my real life) but these are nice transitions of improvements in daily life activities. We might have shortcomings but we can always improve and for better or worse, this is the package anyone can get under the current circumstance, which is, I am who/what I am ;). See you soon, on next blog :)

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