Using the DIP in your favor....

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For the past few days, many of us have been watching the market running its own course. The ups and down are having a mixed impact on us all. If I was a new user on this crypto verse, I would have freaked out like crazy. As watching my crypto loosing it's value (in terms of USD) it would get a hands up on me. Regardless, we have been seeing some some potential investors taking the best out of it. Even though, I was able to see similar situations in the past, where crypto hodlers having a mixed feeling about their holdings. But everything has its perks. Hang tight, as the ride is going to be little more bumpy and of course interesting as well!

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Panic Sell

This phase is hard to overcome. Needless to say, I can say for certain almost everybody (related to crypto) at least once, has gone through this stage. This is such a phase which leads people to cloud their judgement and take decisions, which does not suits their portfolio. making them loose a portion of there assets. But I suppose, the best teacher in crypto verse, is the real time experience. Once it happens, you become wise for the next time. Next time it happens you become a little more wiser and the theme continues. Some simple formula, which might help in this stage :

  • DO not Panic
  • Find the source, why your portfolio is getting a hit
  • If Need be, take a stop loss
  • Wait for the right moment

Buy the DIP

I like the strategy of W.Buffet, "when everyone is selling, you buy and when when everyone is buying, you sell". If only he believed in crypto! But the theme is, you should be prepared for the entry point. Currently which is happening for some of my favorite crypto. In that list HIVE is at the top. The price of HIVE is declining rapidly and it is giving headaches for several users/investors. But like I said after being here for some time, I can say for certain there are lots of these situations awaiting for us in the future and we are not done yet.

I wish I had enough to get some more HIVE off of the market. As watching the price it is hard to resist thyself to get hands on them. I blamed myself for not having enough liquid when I saw HIVE at this price range in the past. But as of now, it is time to get some HIVE on my wallet. I purchased around 1K Hive within the last 3 days. I am aware this is not really much but it is what it is. Currently, I have another buy order sitting at

HIVE Purchased


HIVE open order


Now all I have to wait for someone to dump a little more and so that my order gets filled up. HIVE blockchain has true potential. A lot has been happening and a lot will happen in the coming days. These sort of situations allows for some of us to get some liquidity on our hands. Like I said in my previous posts, I am in for long term goals and these HIVE, I am thinking of keeping them liquid for the time being.

In addition to that, LEO Tribe is as well getting a lot of attention. On all this it is hard to ignore the buzz created by Khal and the team. I can't wait for the launch of WLeo on Uniswap. Infact, I wanted to be a part of providing the liquidity pool but I lack in the fund of ETH, too bad for me. Is there any other way to be part of the liquidity pool of LEO (For those who lack ETH)? Do let me know, btw!! TIA..

Too many things are happening right now, DEFI craze, HF of HIVE, Price going ups and down and above all, we also have our real life sh*t to take care of! But I must agree, it is great to be a part of crypto verse and build your future along with others! Will see you at the top.

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I used this time to stack some coins! The Dip is really the opportunity!

That's nice and hopefully you will get profit in long terms aspect, Cheers!

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