A good friend is one of the most precious thing in this universe...

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We all have a lot of friends. Are they all your good friends? How do you know a person is your good friend. Here I am telling you some ways from my point of view how you will understand that a man is your best friend.

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  1. There are good and bad times in human life. Some people have a little more bad time in their life and some people have a little less bad time in their life but all people have to face bad times. A good friend stays by his other friend's side all the time. It seems that It's one of the best quality of a good friend. Sometimes some family members do not stand by in bad times but good friend is always by the side of his friend in bad times.

  2. Good friend always gives you good ideas. He will always help you to make a good decision in your life. We have to make a lot of decisions in our daily life but sometimes we may not make the right decision. In this case a good friend will help you to make a good decision. A good friend will never let you down, so he will always want to give you good advice.

  3. A good friend will always encourage you to do good. If he see something good from you, he will be very happy and he won’t be jealous by your success. If someone is motivated by his good deeds, he is motivated to do better in the future.

  4. If a good friend sees something bad in his other friend's work, he will tell his friend's mistake and he will help to correct his other friend's mistake. Usually we can't figure out what we did wrong. When someone points out to us where we have gone wrong, we can understand our mistake and learn from that mistake.

  5. When a good friend goes to do a good deed, he will try to put another friend next to his good deed. A good friend wants to put a friend on the side of his good deeds because he wants to enjoy the good results of the good deeds together.

For those reasons, I selected this title (A good friend is one of the most precious thing in this universe) of this post.

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