"The Relation Between Responsibility & Self-Motivation"

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"যদি তোর ডাক শুনে কেউ না আসে,তবে একলা চলো রে।
একলা চলো, একলা চলো, একলা চলো, একলা চলো রে॥"
(RabindraNath Thagore).

"Gitbitan (গীতবিতান)" is the legendary poem by "Rabindranath Tagore". "Rabindranath Tagore" started this poem with those sentences:

"If no one comes to hear your call, then go alone.
Let's go alone, let's go alone, let's go alone, let's go alone.

The "Tagore" used "Let's go alone" five times in these two lines. As per Tagore's Philosophy, we have to walk alone most of the time in our life. The reality can make us demotivated again & again but you have to motivate yourself again & again. When you are in trouble you will find many people are giving lots of advice. They will tell you how you can escape from troubles. Nobody will motivate you to overcome the troubles.

There has a quite difference between advice and motivation. Every motivation is also advice but every advice is not motivation. The advice always prefers the way of solution and the motivation is the complete guideline of solution.


Responsibility & Self-Motivation:


Present you will find millions of motivational videos on various social media platforms. When you are in depression, maybe you also used to watch some motivational videos online. Can you tell me one thing, is any motivational video motivated you in the proper way?

Maybe it could be effective for you, but as per my life experiences, I never motivated by any online motivational videos. It is also applicable for my family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues. Nobody can motivate me in my way, everyone trying to motivate me in theirs way. So, most of the time I failed to link up their motivation with my reality. Their motivation just becomes a consolation to me.

If we are not motivated by others effectively then how we become motivated and survive with our reality? Very easy to answer this question. Our ultimate responsibility is the most powerful motivator for ourselves. When there no responsibility there is no motivation. Only your responsibility can motivate you very badly.

Depression & Demotivation is a crucial part of our life. Nobody can skip it, how much they tried. The sooner and later we have to face depressions and demotivation. Our responsibility always plays a vital role to be motivated. All the time our responsibilities find the best way for being motivated of ourself. By motivating us our responsibilities implement the motivation to recover from deep depressions.

Our responsibilities are the power bank of our self-motivation. We just need to practice how it works properly in our real life. By linking our responsibilities and our depression we can find out the ultimate motivation very easily, we just need to break each and every depression by our each and every responsibility.

When depression will come into your life, please don't be disappointed, just try to motivate yourself by linking your major responsibilities with the cause of depression. When your responsibilities will become your self-motivator by naturally your self-confidence will be very high and you will be very successful to overcome any critical situation in your life.

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