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A long time ago one of my university friends asked me, will my almighty creator can create a big size stone, which he cannot move? It was a very difficult question for me. My Creator is Almighty. He can create anything. He can create a very big size stone very easily. If we believe after creating a very big size stone our Creator will not capable to move it then we can't consider our Creator as Almighty. The question is very logical but completely against our beliefs.


Then what will be the answer to this logical question? The is not the right question. Maybe the question is logical but it has no basement. Let me explain it. Apple manufactured the i-phone 10, they manufactured all kinds of hardware and software for the i-phone 10. Now, if you asked me, Apple has no control over the i-phone 10, the question looking very odd. When we manufacture something we have full control over it. we can modify it, we can destroy it. In this universe, human beings can create anything they just can covert one stage to another stage. When the question is not very appropriate for human beings, how it could be appropriate for our almighty creator.


On the other hand, we can believe in the existence of something when our brain receives logic against the existence. Sometimes we try to establish our beliefs based on theory and culture. Those kinds of beliefs never meet a strong basement. When we are able to establish our beliefs rationally, they will exist permanently inside us.


Realizing the existence of our only almighty Creator is theism. Now the question is there how we will realize the existence of our almighty creator in a rational way. Let's play some logical game with our brain for realizing the existence of our almighty Creator.


Sometimes we love to play a mind game by asking a very disgusting question, which comes first the Hen or the Egg? If we answer the Hen, then question maker through another question, without an Egg how it's possible to born a Hen? If we answer the Egg he through the opposite question. In this way, we became very confused and make surrender. Hold a second, please. Do you know this question can give us the best logic to realize the existence of our Almighty Creator? How?


Just forget about the Hen & Egg and also forget about the question which comes first. The Hen or the Egg whatever it is, who create them first. Is the Hen is created by the Egg or the Egg is created by the Hen? If not who creates them first? The human beings? Quite impossible!!! Human beings have no the ability to create a feather of a Hen, just forget about a complete Hen.


For a moment let believe the Hen born by revolution and then the egg. If that I can be asked you two question, the first one I asked before, the next one is, what is the beginning life of Hen revolution and who create that life? This logical question has a complete chain and we have to stop at a point, otherwise, we will not find the exact answer.


The conclusion is that on earth first life is Created by someone, who has the ultimate ability to create a life on earth. Who is he, undoubtedly he is not a life on our earth and also for the whole universe? So we have to consider someone as a creator of life in the whole universe. He is our almighty Creator, may you call God, May you Call Allah and May you call him Vogoban.

"Theism is the one and only religion for Human beings"

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