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I never imagined that I would meet my childhood friend Govinda like this today.I was seven or eight when I was at Grandpa's house.My grandfather's house had a playground next to it and another village on the other side of the playground. In total, there was a playground between the two villages and this playground separated the two villages.

My acquaintance with Govinda was from that playground, at that time I also used to go to the playground to play football and Govinda used to come to fly kites.We both used to come to play but our game was different.Maybe I liked flying his kite, so I got acquainted with him.It is very difficult to say when in this world who will be introduced and who will be met.
Once I went to Govinda's house. There was no electricity in Govinda's house .Honestly, Govinda's father could not afford to provide electricity.However, I knew that Govinda was good at studying from a young age. When I went to play from time to time, I could hear the news of Govinda's result.
Since there was no electricity in Govinda's house, Govinda did not stop studying but he studied in daylight and spent the night asleep.Then I moved to the city to study and later I did not meet Govinda properly.But I remembered my interest in Govinda kite flying and Govinda studies.
Today, after almost 22 long years, I could not have imagined that I would suddenly meet Govinda.Today I basically went to the electricity office to know about the electricity bill information of my house .When I got to the electricity office I talked to the people there and they told me that you can please talk to our head officer.
Then after listening to them I went to their head officer's room and after standing outside the room for some time, permission came from inside, I entered.When I entered, I saw that the room was very tidy and there was a gentleman sitting in a very big chair.
I'm going to tell him my problem, he was looking at my face for a long time. He said to me, well, where did I see you .He asked my name and took my bill paper and listen to my problems I told him my name and my problems .Then he heard my name and said where is your village house.I gave him my village home address .
After he was silent for a while, he asked me if I knew anyone named Govinda.I listened to his words in silence for a long time and told him why you are asking me these question.After talking for a long time, his face looks very familiar to me.I finally told him yes I know a man named Govinda he was my childhood friend but I have not met him for a long time.
Then the gentleman said I am your friend Govinda.Really, when I heard this, I couldn't believe that this was my childhood friend Govinda.Today, after so many years, I will meet Govinda in this way. I never imagined that the boy who did not have electricity in his house, the boy who is the biggest officer of electricity today, seems to know inside me just to think about it.
I talked to him for a long time and he gave me his home address and I gave him my home address. After a long time we sat together and talked and drank tea and listened to his life story. All in all it was very difficult for him to come to this stage today and he was very patient. So today this success has caught up with him.
Anyway it was nice to meet an old friend today and I was really surprised to hear his life story and I personally really like this kind of hard work man and the story of his life really inspired me.



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it is so nice to read that he became an officer and did not stop studying. Thanks for the inspiring story

you read this ...good . thanks for your compliment. 😊

welcome :)