Prioritizing Yourself

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The literature of all religions invites believers to take care of themselves. For example, the stereotype of love for your neighbor, since you assume you can love yourself first. Maybe love is the inappropriate word these days. However, the concept stands valid. You can't take care of others as well as you care about yourself.


Think about it for a second. How many people are affected by how you feel every day? Husband, children, parents, employees? The start-up worker in the grocery store is also influenced by how you endure your life. If you haven't taken care of yourself, all these interactions can be negative or even painful.

One way or another, we have come believing that we must give, give, give to be a good person. Time, energy, affection, and money. It is expected that everything will flow from us to others. That's what we've learned to believe.

Yet, passionate energy resembles a financial balance. You can't make withdrawals and don't expect the amount to decrease. What can we achieve if our account is emptied? At that point, there is nothing left for all those who need this piece from us.


Only one person can make deposits in this emotional energy bank. You! That's why you're the first. They're responsible for keeping this emotional bank full.

He is popularizing a novel concept: mental well-being. Most people see psychiatry as an experience to live after a crisis. It's no good. In these times we eat healthily and exercise to prevent a heart attack. We lose weight and no longer hold eyelids to prevent blows. We also need to train our emotions to determine how we can be as emotionally healthy as possible. If we truly recognize the importance, we have in our families and communities, and we will take steps to explore the emotional side of our lives.


Advice, massages, relaxation therapy, sleeping pills, and other tools will help you understand you are in the first place. It's not a selfish idea. Hence, you can guarantee that you are always there to give to those you lack.



Think about it for a second. How many people are affected by how you feel every day? Husband, children, parents, employees?

I'm guilty of this! Lots of times I got disturbed and stressed by some business-related thing, and I spill it over my family... wife, son, friends... Almost immediately after that, I recognize the mistake, but the damage is already done...

We have to care more about ourselves that we can give more to others... Only in that way, after "withdrawal" we will have more :)

Thanks for an awesome post!

Even I have done that quite a few times. When we have taken enough and we're filled up to the brim, we start lashing out on the people near us for no reason just so that we can feel less burdened.