Countless Thoughts Going Through My Mind Into My Head

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I started this walk out routine. Within me I didn't feel right. I didn't feel confident. I was choking with the countless thoughts going through my mind into my head. The daily walk out was a way to get rid of all external obligations of what everyone thinks is expected of me. I decided that it was time to breathe. To breathe in through my nose and exhale through my mouth. I made a decision to take care of my well-being. I mean, this is what self care is all about- taking care of my body and my mind was everything that mattered.


After the day's jog, sitting in a yoga position, I could feel myself letting go everything inconsequential or doesn't count. Letting go of all the worries, all the anxiety and all the friendships that didn't work, all the mind stress and work tension that had accumulated. I tried to envisage my dreams coming true, the present situation and where exactly I am headed. In the heat of these, I started to feel all the energy untapped within me. I could feel the endless potential inside of me, overcoming every form of darkness that would illuminate my life.

Thus, I decided my body was a garden. It is a crib laced with beautiful flowers harbouring my mind, my soul and my dreams. I am the one who can determine whether it would flourish my watering it or whether it would wither away. I have chosen which seeds to plant and nurture and which to uproot and I am also choosing to be kind to myself. I have chosen kindness, I have chosen love, I have chosen light and I have chosen happiness.

In my thoughts, I decided to make a conscious effort to find satisfaction in little things around me. To stop thinking about that chunk of files yet untouched, to stop thinking about those friends who don't appreciate my worth, to stop worrying about that picture where I do not look the perfect way I wish I wanted to look, to stop caring about my insecurities. And to find true happiness in little things.

And for every time I inhale light, I hope that every darkness will be expelled. I have released everything and every element that doesn't serve me so that beauty, love, light can shine through every inch of me.

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Mental health is very important. Many people neglect it's importance.
Sometimes we have to put ourselves first, taking care of our body and mind.
I like your yoga style

Thanks for stopping by. As they say health is wealth. Lol.

Yes is wealth. When you are healthy you can make wealth. When you are unhealthy you will not be able to use your wealth to buy health