The Repercussions Of Youthful Exuberance

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I had interesting experiences as a juvenile. I had friends with whom I explored different activities. We enjoyed each other's company and had fun together.

Akan was one of my friends. He was a creative and energetic individual. I admired Akan for his skill and dexterity in the making of paper crafts. His dad was a military personnel and this sparked Akan's interest in military equipment and weapons. He would make rifles and guns from old magazine pages. These rifles and guns had the looks and profile of real arms except that they were made from old magazines. Our clique of friends were impressed by Akan's crafts and would often ask him to make 'arms' for us. It was a major accessory for us in our popular game 'Police and Thief'!

Our clique was always preoccupied with academic work and extra-curricular activities during the weekdays. The weekends were our favourite days of the week. Our parents gave us permission to engage in recreational activities during this period. We always looked forward to it! Although we came from different families our routine was quite similar!

I went to pay Akan a visit during the weekend. His house was on the row of houses opposite mine. I saw him making some guns when I got to his house. We exchanged pleasantries and began a conversation. I was awed by his dexterity in making the guns as our conversation continued.

Akan finished making the guns and suggested we play the game of Police and Thief. I obliged and we got everything needed for the game ready. Unknown to me an unexpected incident was going to happen.

We had played the game of police and thief for a while and tried to outsmart each other. We hid at strategic places in the house and tried to launch a surprise attack on each other. We had fun doing this. This was going to change when Akan decided to try something different. He discovered my hideout and was about to get me. As he approached me, I ran away and pointed my gun at him to mimic us having an exchange of gunshots! I ran away so that he would not win this round. He chased after me and threw a stone at me. This was a grenade according to Akan! Unfortunately the stone hit me on my head.

I was stunned when the stone hit my head. I dropped my gun as I fell to the ground. I felt an acute pain and began bleeding profusely. Akan ran to my aid. He apologized to me and hurriedly ran into the house to get help. I had gone into a state of shock and lost consciousness by the time his mum came out. I don't remember what happened afterwards.

My wound was being stitched in the hospital when I regained consciousness. I suspect the strong smell of the antiseptic in the theatre triggered my awakening. The smell was so strong! I felt funny sensations on my head as the doctor sutured the wound. The anaesthetic applied made me feel less pain. I got to see my mum after my wound was sutured. She was informed about the incident by Akan's mum who took me to the hospital. She was worried when I was in the theatre.

We got to see the doctor in his office later on. He advised me to desist from such games like Police and Thief as there was a tendency for the game to become intense and spiral out of control. I nodded in agreement. He gave me some medications and told my mum how it was to be administered. My mum thanked him for his service and we left his office.

I was still surprised about all that had happened when we left the hospital. How a game of fun had made me visit the hospital. I made up my mind not to partake in the game anymore. Akan's mum was happy I was out of the hospital without any complications. She also expressed her displeasure in the choice of game made by Akan and I. She wished me a quick recovery. My mum was also relieved that I was okay but reprimanded me. She told me to be careful and selective about the type of games I engage in. She told me there was a need for care and moderation when playing games.

Akan paid me a visit when I returned back home. He expressed his displeasure about the incident and acknowledged his fault. He offered a sincere apology and asked me to pardon his inappropriate action. I accepted his apology. The news of the incident broke out to our clique of friends who decided not to play the game of Police and Thief anymore. Better safe than sorry!

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