Living Outside Cryptocurrency

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It's no doubt cryptocurrency has come to stay, even though there has been a lot of conspiracy theories about it and how terrible it is. Some governments have made moves to regulate or even ban it like Turkey and Nigeria mostly because it's beyond their control while others have tapped into the brilliance to create their own cryptocurrency like China which now has its digital Yuan. Many businesses like Tesla and PayPal has included it as it's payment options and so bridging more gaps for the digital currency. It's obvious that the world is slowly evolving around cryptocurrency because it really doesn't have a choice and it's certain that countries who don't join the train might face future depreciation.

For individuals like me, joining the train has been one of the best decisions I have ever made , although I have suffered some losses here and there I have also made profit and that's the fun in cryptocurrency. The crypto space takes knowledge and practice so you can get better at trading each day but then if you are not careful you will get engrossed in it. For a while now I have noticed how my attention span has reduced in things not concerning cryptocurrency, it's like my ears flare anytime I see or read something about cryptocurrency, perhaps it's the beginners syndrome. I wake up and go to bed checking prices and the trend of the market, or spend the whole day checking over and over again what is going on. I never thought I would become like this because I remember I used to make jest of a friend when he was into it then because he never seemed to have time for anything else.

Here I am following the same footsteps, where your treasure is, there indeed your heart will be. I know a lot of people have also found themselves in this situation because of how volatile the crypto space is. But then life is happening right under our noses, our family and friends have started to suffer the consequences. Most people find it difficult to step outside their homes anymore and when they do they are glued to their screen, introverts have become even worse introverts. The point of making money is to enjoy it with our friends and family but it would be sad if we make the money and suddenly realize we are miles away from our friends and family emotionally. Except the gold diggers who will come running and off course they are only friends with your for their own benefit.

Just like the market can't be predicted, so also life. It would be sad to drop your phone one day and realize your best buddy has been sick with cancer for months or you suddenly loose your brother or sister to depression. It is important that while we try to make money we try to keep our family and friends close as well, spend time with them. You could go on a picnic with them or take a trip to an amusement park or even spend time cooking together. Not only would you be making them happy and keeping them close you would be doing your brain a lot of favor by resting plus it would take your mind off the loss you may have incurred. Life is too short to stare at the market everyday, every week so make out time for yourself and people around you.


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