What To Do When You Are Out Of Content Ideas

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Blogging can be really fun until you run out of ideas. I joggle school with business and blogging and so most times I get carried away with them and when it's time to write it's like someone sucked all my creative juices away overnight. Some days back I realized I had exhausted my supply and I had deadlines to meet but nothing was coming to mind and I was really starting to loose it. I did certain things and that's what I will be sharing with you.

First I went through blogs, by doing this I got wind of what people fancy these days. For example the legendary doge coin, doge has really been on most people's lips and people are sad that it went from 0.70 to 0.50 dollars in just hours. Lots of speculations have been made about it, people don't know if to buy or sell and some are regretting they even bought at all. Most bloggers have taken advantage of this and written on it just like I did in my previous article as well. All you need to do is find a topic people are engrossed in, do your research and find your angle to approach this topic. Make sure it is original and speaks your mind because people can smell a fake pretty quick these days. It would be a total waste of time to write on things that are absolutely irrelevant at this period, while some people might read it out of boredom, you won't be getting as much upvote and rewards unlike someone who keys into the trend.

Secondly I went through social media especially Twitter. Twitter is the most controversial app on the planet right now. Remember when Trump was kicked out of the app, remember the End Sars protest, yeah now you understand what I mean. It's a gold mine for hot topics and you should take advantage of that, people are constantly debating on the government, policies or events that are happening. You can take ideas from there or even write on that hot topic as well. People are always interested in hearing other people's angle to a particular issue especially when they have heard the same thing all day. Although you have to be careful not to side anyone to save your head, you can keep it balanced, unbiased as well as spicy.

I also read books that interest me. Some were motivational books, frictional books, business books, you can decide what to read or works for you. Certain pages in it or even a particular sentence could spark your creative juices to flow faster than you would expect and open your eyes to different angles you never thought possible. You could go for hardcopies or soft copies, whichever bakes your brownies.

Another thing you could do is to repurpose your old content. We are humans and we keep changing based on our environment and experiences. While some content may become useless, some would remain valuable even years to come. Go through your old post and find those which people enjoyed more and find ways to update it, spice it up or perhaps you could write it from a different angle. You could share your personal experiences as well. Perhaps your experience with some people or certain places or certain life events. People might be going through something similar or just want to learn from your for future purposes.

Whatever you do it is important that you keep a journal handy because sometimes ideas could come while eating or even hanging out with friends. By putting them down you would have more creative ideas to work on as well.


I also read books that interest me.

This method has really been helpful to me. It gives me fresh ideas and I am able to use it to create contents.

i am glad it can help


This is a nice piece. I was going to write something similar too but thank God you did.

I believe you can find content in everything. Most times people feel uncreative and stuck when stressed. Rest is an important part of staying creative. You need to free up your mind to entertain new ideas.

yes that is really true, i do rest most times am short of content to free my mind. thanks for reading through

I like this post for the fact that it shares practical ways to get contents. It's easy to run out of ideas and sometimes we may get stuck, but you just made the whole process easier. Great post. Cheers

thanks really appreciate