Put On Your Best MakeUp ~ SMILE

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It is said that smile is the best makeup a lady or girl can put on.
Tell me have you ever been in a gathering of happy people and it seems or feels like you are the only unhappy person among them?
Have you seen yourself in such a situation before?
How does it feel or how did you handle it?
What is f the person that caused your sadness is among them? What do you do?
What if he or she is having a good thing playing, smiling, and laughing along with every other person while you on the other hand you know you are sad and bitter about everything

Lately, I haven't been steady neither do I even have adequate time for myself and it's pretty annoying, and trust me you don't wanna experience it or even know the reason for it.

The funny thing about the questions I asked is that it has nothing to do with the emotional state of the mind.
I just wanna know how unhappy people cope with life and for those who manage to hide their pains and unhappiness and smile and laugh along with others.
Cause I know for a fact that people are not all the look like or appear to be.
Everyone has his or her battle to fight; small or big.
We all have our various life's struggles and challenges but most times we hide them, bury them and just live a lively and happy life.

Living a happy life should be an intentional act because we don't know how many lives we can affect with our lively living.
We don't know the hopes our life can bring or give to other people who are down.

Let's make a happy living an intentional and voluntary action.
Our life can save another life simply by being happy, living happy, and putting on our best makeup SMILE

Smile More!
Frown Less!