The Subtle Art of "Fabrication" and "Being Contempt."

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A couple of months ago, while chasing three deadlines at once, I realized im a chronic procrastinator. I love to put up with things and never get around to finishing them. Like, that night, I wrote two assignments and one analysis, prior to which I got almost 70 days to finish yet, I wrote nearly 7 thousand words within a day or so. And last week, when the grades came out, I realized I'm a master at fabricating things. :V Because the stuff I wrote in those were mostly fiction. And the teachers were kind enough to let me know that I have a hyperactive imagination even after being this old. lol


These are habits that everyone has in them, more or less. And these are all terrible virtues, as the fables go, and as the elders say. But, my bad habits have somehow always brought out the best in me. At least from my viewpoint, that is what it seemed like till now.

To dive a little deeper into the analysis of my fabrication skills, let me tell you a story. This was when I was 8 or 9.

I wasn't a normal easy kid per se, not then, not now. I am the sixth and the youngest kid in my family, and I was as unruly as the prince of hell himself. Like, I would shoot small marbles with a slingshot towards cars passing by and break their windows. So the drivers would come down, give a complaint to my father, and ask for compensation. After all that was done, I would get the beating of my life and repeat the same thing the next day. Shoot at passing cars again and again.

After a few months of my subconscious bullying, they decided to fill out a form of a boarding school that is a bit religiously inclined and almost like a prison as it is enclosed.

20 miles away from home, it took me more than one year to settle in. But within that one year, I successfully escaped 4 times. And the story is about one of them.

The main gate of the compound always remained shut, and a sentry always kept guard. Not a sentry, like with arms and vests lol. But a random guy who monitored the activities around the gate. At noon, around 2 to 3 PM, that sentry guy always went to have his lunch and came back after about 1 hour. So, after watching him for 2-3 weeks, I decided to break out one day. Almost like a prison break, but here it would be School Break:v

So, the walls around the gate are really not that tall. Like a 9-year-old kid, as I was then, could quickly get over it. I did too.

Believe it or not, after successfully getting out of the compound, I walked for 20 long miles straight to home. At my house, the first person to see me was my mother, who already knew I was missing. The school called ant notified my parents beforehand.

So, after a usual beating by my father, my mum fed and clothed me. And only after then she asked, how did I get out of the school. What I said was this.

Two big muscular guys were trying to snatch a girls purse. I was strolling down in the courtyard when I saw this, and I shouted for help. So when nobody came to her rescue, I decided I will be the one to save the day. So I went out and chased after the snatchers. But I lost them. When I tried to get back to school, I forgot my way again and chose to come home instead.

My mum laughed at this with all the kindness in the world.

Later, whenever my whole family gathers in any festivities, she'd always tell this story and mention how I to avoid a beating had ripped out and told this story from a movie we saw.


But, there are two things about which I have never sought help from my fantasy. And that is my passion and my hobbies. I'm a bookworm and besides that, I love fishing.

You know, to be contempt and wholesome, you have to learn how to appreciate the littlest pleasure available. Fishing does that for me as meditation does for people who meditate. Looking at the vast open fields and skies while holding a fishing rod might be the best feeling I have ever experienced. That is where I find the warm fuzzy pleasures of life. Where no fabrication is ever needed.


ডানপিটে 😉

For me it was books, and tending to my pigeons I used to have as a kid!

Never could keep pigeons tho. Theyd always get sick and die on me...

One of my brother does have a nack for pigeons.. He has 78 pairs of these beautiful birds. I cant remember the name but he told me his most prized possession is one that has tie like mark arround its neck.. Its supposed to be worth a pretty penny he said :v

A timetable can help, really and thanks for sharing your experiences. It was really intersting to read but although the beating part pained me.

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Lol, I know that sayee :v.. But if i was a guy with a time table, i'd rule the world by now :v..

Nah the beating was okay I guess..westerners might not be comfortable with the idea about something like this but my father loved me with all his heart.. I mightve became a criminal or something.. I guess people have diffrent world views and mine accepts a kid getting beaten to a pulp:v

Thank YOU for reading my shitty writing so patiently :)

omg, not at all bad writing. In fact, I want you to write more and more. I do agree that some form of discipline is necessary when raising children otherwise they will be spoilt. Stay blessed and think about a small timetable at least.

Yeah im slowly getting there i think :). But the covid lockdown has ruined me. I along with many others from my uni are almost 9 month's behind finishing our degree :(. The last 5 months has turned my days into night and nights into days.. I sleep at day time work at night time --__--. But getting there tho :)

I ran away from home too. I think I was 10 perhaps. I had big plans though. I always have big plans. Dhore khekte shikhini tokhon :) So my plan was to go to Tibet.... to Lasha. I only thought if I miss the last train that might be a problem .... no this last line is a realization much later as an adult when I listened to the last train to Lasha ;) Enjoy!

Im writing this while listening to the song and I feel such an un imaginably strong sense of grandeur and adventure, its hard to put it in words dada. I still remember my first train ride so vividly. That was also the first time i ever saw a mountain :). Foul breeze seeping through my hairs, making me nostalgic as hell.. Just at the next turn, those green unexplored tall things became visible revealing the secrets of the universe before my eyes:)

If your big plans worked this much for you then i want to follow in your footsteps dada.. I hope my maktub takes me there, to my pyramid of contempt. :)

It reminded me the school days. Though i was not in a boarding school but i used to bunk during classes with friends and go for travelling here and there. My dad never beat me thankfully but his part is done by my big brother😂 whenever teachers used to complaint he was the one to perform that.

Fishing is like an addiction and the most addicted person in this matter is my dad. My mom used to say " He will go into the grave with a fishing rod" but now its all gone for last 5/6 years. Due to lack of ponds in the city and his sickness he has left all his addictions.

Btw your writing was too good. It was much pleasure to read and in that flow i also wrote a lot. Don't mind😊

If you didnt bunk classes, you are not a proper bengali kid:) I was in boarding schools for a couple of years. But then i was put into regular schools again.. And all i ever did was bunk classes:v. The teachers would count the attendance and after they got mine, id always slip through the back door with a couple of idiots with me:v

Id love to meet your dad someday. We anglers would talk for hours..

Yeah, this is one of the take away of overpopulation i guess. Ponds getting filled and nature getting destoryed. People like us, who fish has this moto. Whenever we get to new fishung spots, we aleways try to leave it cleaner than how we found it. Thats is why i love fishing so much, the experience and the wisdom that comes with it..

Thank you bhai for reading this.. Much appreciated:)

Yeah those were the real days.

Welcome brother.

I think you would like to watch a lot of Bangla movie that's why you can make such type of cinematic story on that age. I am astonished by your creativity on that age and enjoy it also. But the most surprising thing is to pass away about 25 mile by walking onley for a nine years old boy! Even I can't imagine at this moment now to do this... How energetic you was!

Never missed the firday btv movies until going to boarding schools :v

You would know the place though.. From uttara to savar. Took me 5-6 hours i think..

Me too.. never missed the weekly Bangla movie.. it was a great source of recreation on that time..

Exactly... Waited for whole week to see alif layla and godzilla.. jay din bhalo, ashe din kharap :|

Macgaivar, Incredible hulk, Robinhood, The Adventure of Sindabad, Thief of Bagdad, Mr. Been, X-file... how excellent the serials was.

বোঝা যায় ছোটবেলা থেকেই অনেক চঞ্চল ছিলেন..

তা ছিলাম। কিন্তু নব্বই এর দশকে কে ই বা ছিল না :)

তা অবশ্য ঠিক বলেছেন ভাইয়া

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