Happy Birthday Charming Chammy ~ A Gift To A Friend

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I am up again with my portrait sketch.
It's a friend's portrait. Yesterday was her birthday so I decided to surprise her with a little digital sketch of her.
Yes turns out she liked it very much, she was so happy and told me she loved it and that it looks so much like her (that's was my fear and what I really expected)
I mean the sketch looking like her.
She confirmed I captured her looks in the sketch and she was even happy I gave her a lighter skin hehehehe. She was like you even gave me a lighter skin color awww hahaha, I had to laugh cause it was funny though.
I wasn't so sure about her akin color but aside from that, the skin color I chose seemed much better with the sketch and she even liked it too so that was enough.

I am also glad her birthday went well. I was supposed to make this post yesterday and wish her alongside but something came up and I wasn't opportune to do that again but I will still seize this moment to wish her a happy and fantastic birthday.
Happy Birthday Charming Chammy!


The outline sketch, always starting my sketch this way, I don't know how others do theirs but I think it's much easier for me to start with the outlines.


This is not her hair but a hair tie. I chose black color for the hair tie cause I didn't wanna go into all the designs that were on the hair tie


I chose a fitting red color for her lips and her gums.


I started the highlight and shadow shading on her face and then her skin


I chose a fitting background color for the portrait


After the outline sketch, the next thing I always do is to fill in the colors. I chose a lighter color for her face and another for her skin.


I fixed her eyebrow and eyelashes here.
Alongside that, I filled in her eyeballs using the black color of course.


Then I painted her earrings too


I went ahead to highlight her hair tie.
Here I applied grey color to her hair tie to make it a little highlighted using the airbrush tool


After changing the background color, I smoothened the edges of the background.


And that was all for her portrait sketch.
I hope you like it cause the owner did like it as well.
Still, I could use some feedback from you guys.
Thanks for stopping by my post today.
Every comment, upvote, and reblog is greatly appreciated.