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If you aren't a fan of taking photographs, maybe you should start doing that.
You don't have to be a professional to do it. Like I always tell people that photos are memories that I don't find very easy to erase.
Someone once said she doesn't like seeing too many pictures or photos in her phone so she delete them immediately after making use of them.
Well I can't find myself doing that. Truth be told, I may lack videos on my phone but never a photo, cause I take a bunch of them as there all speaks a thousand words and each is a memory I save for whenever I need them.

Lately my phone storage of about 96GB ran full. Like I mean I went blank when it happened. How come? I don't keep videos on my phone, I don't even have the time to spend watching movies so what could take up my space or storage? Interestingly, I knew what that was and there were photos. Each folder in my phone had about 4000+ images or photos. I had 9999+ photos and still counting and most of these photos aren't even photos of myself. I just love capturing the moment. Sometimes my close relatives thinks I have gone crazy cause my phone camera is always open to capture everything I come across lol.

I took these pictures last year, I accidentally came across them in my gallery and everything came flashing back. The memories, the moments and all. And this is what I want to experience every time I look at a photo I captured, even if its some years back. It should be able to bring back memories and this I cherish very much.


Yes, the blazing sun was up already one afternoon when I returned from an errand. I was asked to go buy a few things from the market and on passing through this route, I captured this compound for no good reason. Like I didn't have any distinctive reason why I did that, I just took the shot anyway.


Still along the road, I took a shot of this place. Inside is a church building and a school. I remember the reason why I captured this. Its because of how lovely and pleasant the sky appeared that afternoon, I couldn't help but take the shot.


The clothes hanged out here are from different people. There is a laundry business shop in this compound and everyday people take their clothes to the dry cleaner to wash, starch and iron for them.


Tell me, isn't this sky just lovely? sure it is that I can't even distinguish them most times in my gallery, but not for the surrounding options captured alongside the sky.


I don't know why but I like taking shots of this junction. I have different kinds of memories of this place and every day a new memory is registered with each shot taken. Its always busy out here and I guess this is why we always have increased number of accident.


These cyclists are waiting for passengers to carry. Most times its disheartening to see them out there in the hot and blazing sun all in the quest to make ends meet and to have something to feed their family. If you notice, all of them are with their face cap. That is to tell you how hot the sun is down here and keeping their head open is causing themselves more harm than good, so they always have their face cap on.


I pass through this junction every time I go to work, market, church or wherever I wanna go to.
These are memories stored up in my gallery and I decided to share with you guys today. This is what taking photographs can do and not just taking them but saving or storing them for future references.

Let me know what you think of all these photos and which you like best.
Thank you for sparing your time on my blog. Every comment, upvote and reblog is very much welcome and appreciated.



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