We've Become Murderers

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So what?
If you are single, not dating, not searching?
So what?
If you aren't doing what everyone else does?
So what if you choose to be different and stand out even if you are standing alone but doing the right thing?
So what?
If they laugh, mock and ridicule you?
So what?
If the world doesn't accept you for who you are and what you have been made of?
So what?
If you weren't born with a silver spoon?
So what?
If you didn't go to the best school or had the best academic qualifications?
So what?
If your mates are married with kids but you are still single without a relationship?
So what?
If you don't wear the most fanciest and expensive outfits?
So what?
If you are tall, short, dark, fair, curvy, shapeless, flat chested, thin, plump, etc?

Tell me what is wrong with our society?
What has gotten into us?
That we now define God's creation based on human ideologies?
Why do we now judge people base on what we think, feel, see or hear about them?
The world has become very messy because we have used our own hands to ruin and mess it up.
Why make other people feel terrible about themselves?
What's the essence of pointing a finger at our neighbors when we know we aren't all perfect and even if we are then it's not based on our own doing or power.

We've Become Murderers

As offensive as it may sound, we have become murderers unconsciously.
We have used our lips to kill and destroy others.
We have single-handedly ruined the life of another even without knowing it or being aware.

Permit me to share this short and summarized story of Joy's situation
Joy is a young and beautiful girl of 14 years old.
She is plump and healthy-looking
She wasn't like every other girl her age.
She was way bigger and more mature than the rest.
She started developing the vital female parts earlier than normal because of her weight and by the age of 14, she was already looking like a full-grown lady having kids.
She didn't feel so good about herself but there was nothing she could do about it.
She tried checking her weight that she almost starved herself to death.

She was fighting her battles on her own. As a result of this, her self-esteem was tarnished already.
To make matters worst, In Joy's school, everyone thinks being slim and tall is the true definition of beauty.
They always made Joy feel ugly and dirty.
So she kept trying on her own to lose weight without her parent's knowledge.
Every time she was given her meal, she gives it out or sometimes discards it in the waste bin.
This continued for some weeks. She was conscious about not eating three square meals a day.
Until one day when they had an end-of-term party in school and all the girls were asked to dress in their princesses ball gown.

That night Joy wore her best ball gown. She usually felt good wearing that gown cause she liked it but when she got to school. People started staring scornfully at her.
She was worried, was she looking so bad or much better? The looks from people could only mean two things, either she was looking her best or she was worst.
James one of the boys in Joy's class walked up to Joy when she was approaching the hall and mutter the words " Awwwn, how did you even fit into that dress?"
And everyone burst into laughter.
Now she confirmed the looks they were all giving her. James just helped them laugh it all out.

She felt terrible and ran out of the hall.
She never wanted to return to that school ever again.
She couldn't tell her parents about it either. Joy started hating herself the more and how she looked. She starved herself many days after the incident until she finally gave up the ghost.

Now, what can you call joy's schoolmates and James in particular?
I don't need to say this again but technically they are murderers.
This is how one can murder another without even using a gun or a knife.

We use our tongue to destroy other people's life. We kill with it.
Joy died as a result of someone's statement.
Just a single statement can turn the whole world upside down.


Then came my question, So What?
So what if society doesn't accept you for who you are?
The so-called society didn't make you, form you, create you, so why are you worried about what they say to you or what they wanna make you feel?
Why give them such rights and power over your life?

It is said that no one can make you feel any less of yourself without your consent.
If you give society the right or consent to make you feel less about yourself then this is what will certainly happen.

Let The World Define You For Who You Are and Not What They What You To Be

Accept no one's definition of you, always define yourself and the society will follow suite.
It is what you say about yourself and how you treat yourself that the society will do also.

Start treating yourself better and learning to accept Yourself for who you truly are and not what they want you to be.
Don't force your nature to fit into the world's standard.
Don't configure yourself to be what they world want you to be neither should you compromise because of what you see or hear.
Let the world learn your own definition of Beauty
Define yourself!



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