When I Write My Success Story

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In life, you realize that people had gone through so many challenges and tribulations before they finally got to the point or positions they find themselves today and even the history found in books recorded about their lives.
For each successful man or person, there is always a story to tell.
How they fought and struggled and how they came out victorious.
And when their success story comes, they usually have people to thank for.
They have communities, associations, relationships, and friendships to thank for each success story they have to tell.

When I Write My Success Story

I don't know when this is gonna happen or however I am going to do it but certainly when I do, I will have a lot of people in my life to thank. I will have a lot of associations and acquaintances I have encountered or even come across or met by chance to thank.
I will also have this community, the platform to thank for.
For every person that stopped by to contribute to my life in one way or the other.
For every concerned person that offered even the slightest kind of help without looking back to see what they would get in return.
For every person, who played their part in pushing me to the top with lots of encouragement, criticism, and support. I will have you all in my story.
And when this happens, I wouldn't forget anybody neither would I leave out any as well.
I may not know everyone by name but I have them by heart.
Your contributions to my life now matter a lot as much as they will in the nearest future.


For each question, I don't have an appropriate answer but I do know it gonna surely take place.

The How is not something I know of. I don't know how it gonna happen but I am certain it will.
Most of the successful people out there didn't know exactly how their success would come, they didn't even know where or which angle it gonna come from but it did and today we are celebrating them and learning from their experiences.

Now, this is the funniest and interesting part. To be sincere, no one knows when their success would come. There isn't any man that predicted when they gonna make it. Some had plans, some believed in their businesses, projects, jobs but in the long run, some of those things failed them, some didn't turn out as they expected.
Some even went back to ground zero they started from scratch with so much pain, regrets, and struggles.

The truth is if we all knew when our successes would come, then perhaps we wouldn't have the chance to know or learn some of the things we have learned today.
The same with every successful person. If they had known, maybe they would have done everything they could in their power not to go through the struggles, troubles, and challenges they went through before they finally attained their success. And this would have left us with no lesson at all, no experience, and nothing to avoid or add to make our story a bit different and more exciting to talk about.

My Success Story!

It's not here yet! But it will come, I have a strong conviction and when it does, rest assured that I won't forget how I started and those that deserved to be honored and thanked.
And for no reason will I despise my small or little beginning.
For now, I wanna say Thank You to everyone that had supported me, encouraged me, and even criticized me. You guys are the reason why I strive every day to become a better person.
For now, I leave you guys with this, until I write my success story.



It is a beautiful thing to acknowledge everyone that played a part in one's success story, even those whose impact we felt in a negative way.

I don't know how it gonna happen but I am certain it will.

This is most interesting, I like mindset of I do not know how or when but I know it will happen. That is what keeps me going sometimes.

Yes, it's good to acknowledge people who have helped us along life's way.
Yeah, a positive mindset, this keeps me going.
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