Would You Give Up Because Of Food?

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Really! I might not know what it feels like to sleep and wake up with an empty stomach.
I grew up having three square meals daily and sometimes even more.
It went down to two times daily but it never went below that. Especially being a grown-up now, I don't have any valid excuse to starve myself except I just decide to.

I don't know if anyone can give up because of food.
I ran into an article someone made, more like a motivational piece, trust me I am not in for some of these motivational speeches but this one just got my attention and I was like could people really give up in life because of food? I just had to ponder on it.
Could it get any worst? Hey mind you before you start rolling your eyes at me, I have seen people who barely have what to eat or wear but they are living their lives as if nothing bothers them, as if all is well.
But could I really tell if all is well with them or not simply because I feel they don't have enough to eat? Yes, they do eat but is it enough?

You know human beings are prone to complain about every slightest thing in life.
Some complain and nag about not having numerous fancy and designer dresses to wear when others are even in need of the rags or something to cover themselves at least.
Some complain of not having three to four-day meals when people just need a plate of meals to silent the worms in their stomachs daily.

We have families complain of house space when many are out there in the streets without even a roof over their heads.
And then we look at all these and we can't help but just wonder why some people can be so ungrateful.
When we are not grateful for the little things we have, is it when we have those big ones that we will be thankful to God for?
If we don't start with the little ones, I doubt we can ever make it past the bigger ones.

Can You Give Up Because Of Hunger?

I can't tell your answer to this question and though I don't know what it feels like not to have what to eat or even have enough to eat but I don't think I would give up simply because of food.
I don't know if there is really anything in life that can make me give up.
I am a believer. I believe in miracles in possibilities, in mercy and grace.
Somehow I know I would survive so giving up wouldn't even cross my mind and even if it does, I will do well to filter the thought of it because for all I care, food is too little of a thing to give up in life for.

There is every possibility and tendency that even a poor person who has nothing to eat will still be fed and he or she will live a healthy life so what better options are there than to just believe in the positivity of one's existence.

What's your take on this? Can you really give up in life because of food? Share your opinion.



I don't really know but, food gives the energy to partake in other activities but at the same time, we eat to live not live to eat. Our life is not based on eating alone. Not having something to eat now does not mean that it is the end of the world so definitely, there would be better days ahead.

Appreciating the little things we have and showing gratitude for all that is given to us, is something we should learn to do always. I wrote an article on that post, you can check it here.

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Yea you are right. We eat to live and not live to eat. I also think the same thing, I mean if things aren't going too well today, it doesn't mean that tomorrow will be the same.
Thanks for the support.

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@zellypearl this is really thought provoking, some people would never understand the havoc that can wrecked by hunger.
Talking of giving up, it all depends on the angle you're coming from.
But I will rather say that I'd hold on, come what may for miracles to come.

Yeah! Miracles do happen and I don't really think food is just enough reason to think nothing good could come out of life.

Go on a month fast, you probably have an idea of hunger , then see if you will be able to complete the 30days without giving up. I mean no food at all. There are people out there who literally have nothing to eat for days. Just has air and water is vital so is food. Do not underestimate the venom of hunger

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I am not underestimating it 😏 I was just asking if food is enough reason for someone to give up.
I still see people out there on the street that has a way or two to put something in their stomach.
Some strive for it, some work for it, while others beg to at least have something to eat.
Because there are still few good people out there that may be compassionate enough to give to them.

I know how much food is important for our daily living and existence but for me, it's not enough reason to give up in life.
Thanks for stopping by.

I was homeless a few times as a child, and I was also a homeless once as a grown up. Nowadays I live in a house, but sometimes I have to choose between paying bills/rent and buying food. I live with multiple disabilities, and I get a pension-like income, and nowadays I also work in a 4 hours part time job, but my total income still does not reach the local minimum wage. I know what hunger is from experience since my childhood, but I would not give up. There is always a solution. Do not give up.