Feeling Good Alphabet Hunt - Letter M

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Another hunt has begun... This week we hunt for the letter M... My country starts with an M... So my first word is MALAYSIA!!! And here's a Malaysian flag and the words "Welcome to Malaysia" on one of the wall in KL Sentral...


Next we have MASCOT... Here I have for you is mascot of KFC... Chicky... This was captured during my second girl birthday party...


Being Malaysian, I love food... So MACARONI is up... This was a meal I cooked in office a few years back... lol... My simple all in lunch... Some sort of macaroni soup... With vegetables and meat...


Following macaroni, I give you MUTTON! Lol... food again... Seeing these food photos are making myself hungry... lol...


Enough of food... let's visit a MOSQUE... Muslim is our national religion and we have lots of mosques here...


Last but not least... well, this is a food also, but what I presented is a decoration... MUSHROOM...


So that's the end of my Letter M hunt... I hope you like it...

Submitting this post to the Alphabet Hunt by @barbara-orenya. If you would like to join the fun hunting, here are the simple guide line of the game. (Grabbed from Barbara's post)

Make a post with 6 of your own photos representing an object or concept that begins with the letter of the week

  • if you post in the Feel Good community (hive-190931 as first tag for those who post from eSteem) you will participate in a random draw rewarding (a various number but never less than 3) people with 1 Hive each.😊

  • use the hashtag #alphabetHunt and call me @barbara-orenya with a mention + leave your link in comment below this post so that others can see it too and have an easy access to it. 😉

You have until next Wednesday 10pm UTC to post.

And most importantly : Have fun, enjoy this hunt and make sure your readers also have an enjoyable moment discovering your trophy images !


Five minutes ago my wife asked me if I'm hungry and I said "no thanks". Well, while looking through your M post my stomach has begun growling and since I said "no" I now have to go myself to search for something to eat 😉

Nice and interesting post - first successful M hunt this week, after Barbara of course - congrats @elizacheng 😊

Cheers and !BEER

😅 sorry... I didn't mean to make you hungry... But you should have say YES when you start browsing through blogs... There are always yummy food photos in this hive... 😅

Never mind, from now on I'll eat something before I go on the Hive, what means I'll eat pretty much all day long 🤣
Have a wonderful weekend 😄

Cheers and !BEER

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Awesome picks for your M's, @elizacheng! NIw I know that you are from Malaysia! Thanks for sharing! And have a great day. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thanks for dropping by! 😀😀😀

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Nicely done @elizacheng ! the girls seem to have enjoyed the Mascot and the Mushrooms look like the ones in the Mario Bros game 😁

Ah... Now that you said it, indeed it looks like one in the Mario...

Thank you for the fun post and great pictures. I look forward to your next hunt.


Thank you for the fun post with some great pictures


Thank you!

Nice to see your country featured here @elizacheng, some really nice M's here! Glad to see some food featured here, I'll have a helping of your delicious soupy macaroni, good comfort food;)

Soupy macaroni one bowl set for you! 😁

M... Maybe kittens? :-D

Meow... 🐱

Hello Beautiful
I like the first one,
the food is fair too
happy Saturday

Happy Saturday to you too!


I love that so many of your M words are all about what is around you and personal and helps people know you better,
Nicely done!