Beautiful Sunday + Sublime Sunday

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Happy Sunday!

Today me and my husband cooked Western food for lunch. Yum yum. He bought premarinated chicken chop from Shopee. Signature Chicken Chop and Lemongrass Chicken Chop



Sauce, we have mushroom sauce, black pepper and BBQ. I love the mushroom sauce the most. Same with my girls.




The garlic butter spread is super tasty, but I didn't take photo of it. 😅

Here's the full set we cooked.


We added in broccoli 🥦, carrot 🥕, edamame and mashed potatoes. My second girl loves mashed potatoes a lot. She can eat a whole bowl of mashed potatoes all by herself 😂😂😂

Yup, I made the mashed potatoes from scratch. Three big potatoes. Slice them and boil them until they are soft. Drain the water. Put the soft potatoes in a big bowl. Add the mushroom sauce, cheese sauce and roasted sesame sauce. And lastly mix and mash everything together until they blend well. And there we have our yummy mashed potatoes.


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It's fun to do cook as a family..
It's the experience that counts more than the food.

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So easy to cook; solve the before problem.
You just have do deal with the after. 😎

Yup. Not just the after... Washing and cleaning is done during the cooking too. So at least not so much to clean after eating 😅