Beautiful Sunday + Sublime Sunday

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Happy Sunday!

We had a beautiful cloudy sky whole day. Mr Sun seemed to be taking the Sunday off today.

This morning went to start my car again. Yup, every week I will have to start my car twice to keep the battery charged.


Mr Sun was hiding behind all the clouds.



Even with all the clouds, Miss Rain didn't drop us a visit today.

Everyone is waiting for the Prime Minister's announcement. Whether we will have MCO 2.0 or a stricter and tighter SOP CMCO. The cases have been maintaing over 2k everyday. This is not a good sign. It even went up to 3k I think once or twice. School reopening soon and this is worrying. It's not that I don't want my girls to go to school, but then is it the best decision to have school reopen at this point of time? 🤔😩


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Hmm... looks like the app is losing images again.
Anyway, we have not much sun here too.

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