Sublimely Beautiful Sunday

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How have your Sunday been so far? It's about 8.35pm here in Kuala Lumpur now... My Sunday is finishing in less than 4 hours...

I am at home whole day... It's good to be able to just stay at home and not doing much... Well, I can't say I didn't do much... The normal cleaning, normal house chores still being done... No photos for those activities... 🤣 I guess none of you would like to see the dust, rubbish and dirty laundry... 😅

So today I am going to show photos of Little Vinnie playing with Melody... Yup... Melody is Hello Kitty's friend... Melody is one of their (the three sisters' baby)... So today is Little Vinnie's turn to take care of Melody...

Firstly, she needs to pick one dress for Melody... hmmm... which one? Red one? Purple one? Or that one?


Ok... Got it... Purple dress... Now let's get dressed...



Yay! Done... Beautifully dressed now... So we can now go and play...

That's one fine Sunday afternoon Vinnie playing with Melody... How about yours? What does you little one do on a Sunday???

Happy Sunday!

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Guess you have to find ways to keep them entertain during this challenging period.

Challenging time or not... Still have to keep them entertain... 😅😅😅
Can't always give them the tablet or laptop or phone... So will have to be creative

Busy work😎