I'll be honest, I sold a stash of #doge at $0.213. Don't worry, there' ...

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I'll be honest, I sold a stash of #doge at $0.213. Don't worry, there's plenty left where that came from.

#Trolling for years on #reddit has finally paid off.

#crypto #bubble #DogeOverlords

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'...and I thought I did well dumping at 5c...'

I would have probably done the same thing had my wallet been synced. Lol hadn't opened it for years and guess that turned out a good thing.

It's been synced since this last run up but not sure when I am ready to exit this ride. Ha

We all know it's bullshit, I still don't feel bad about *'only' * 3x'ing on the biggest jokecoin there is.

So my wallet syncs and now it's at $0.26! Moral of the story: always keep your wallet synched for pump time. Haha!

Transferring it can be problematic, last time the network was congested and it took around 10 hours to shift it to Binance.

I don't think it's possible to time a bubble.

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THIS. It would make one frustrated just thinking about it so I don't bother.

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Yeah, it's just rolling the dice.

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10k of doge are produced each minute :P the coin is build to fail! a lot of people are buying, especially newbies for some quick buck and stuff but if you do the math in order to just keep the price steady we need with the current prices people to buy daily 5 million dollars worth of doge :P

If the price of it increases the same applies to that 5million dollars amount :P

But it's good for some quick extra bucks! especially if you had a huge stash when it was 5-8-10 cents

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Still less inflation than fiat.

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You had some strong hands to hodl onto Doge until it hit $0.02. I sold mine off when it was a fraction of a cent.

Not so much strong hands and more of, "I doubt this will ever go anywhere, so I'll just keep them like karma points". And then...

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I bought in at 35 cents :P (Sold higher don't worry)

Profit is profit.

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Bought a bunch to do peakd tipping now gonna sell off a bit because 100doge tips are a little overkill these days

Could always just tip like 2-3 of them at current price.

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much currency
such crypto
so wow

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I finally after finding a snapshot and resynching my wallet was able to access my old doge stash. Took forever but guess that is a blessing in disguise.

The markets aren't really making sense rn and w doge's incredibly high supply I don't think it can continue for too long but we'll see.

I hope you got some good gains.

As for supply, Doge has a fixed minting of around 5.25 billion coins a year. Still much less than fiat inflation, hilariously.

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Nice! Congrats on that. This is one token that I have held off on buying. I am happy for the people who are going to benefit from this!

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For some of us, the sources of Doge were mostly from tip bots on Reddit over the years.

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Even better then!

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Got any spare ;)
Nah it a good time for doge holders so enjoy it

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I'll savor it.

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how much money can you make from a good meme ?
answer: yes

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I have a paper wallet with 30k doge I mined a while back. I can't seem to find it. I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

I hope you do find it.

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Found it! Whew! I hope my wallet syncs faster than Doge dumps!


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