UTOPIS project gave me this week 1.310 HIVE, i don't know about you bu ...

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UTOPIS project gave me this week 1.310 HIVE, i don't know about you but for me it is one of the best paying projects

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It sure one of the best passive token out there. Received my fair share of 1hive plus today. So glad to have gotten a few when I did

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Hmmm, I heard about it, but I heard about others on #HIVE too...

Is UTOPIS the project that uses your investments to trade in crypto and give you shares of the profit?

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yes there are many projects running on HIVE at the moment
about UTOPIS i cannot answer you 100% but for sure it's a project that uses our HIVE to invest in many projects some of them i think they are outside hive blockchain...

Ah, yeah... That's the one I had in mind. Their idea is cool but I have a skepticism I can't explain about taking part myself.

Do you ever have the feeling that something is good in general but not good for you? #InstinctIsReal

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Hello, I purchase Hive with my fiat profits and ETH mining.

Have a look at the whitepaper.

Utopis is much like the BRO token but I buy hive from the market from profits.


Oh, so you're the leader? Thanks for dropping by my humble comment.

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yeap...he's the captain

Nah, no leader.

@funnel thinks you are~

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nice, long may it continue!

why? did they upvote you? lol sounds sketchy

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sketchy?...i wouldn't say so...
of course i'm not encouraging anybody to get on board...you can make your own research and decide for yourself
believe me i've went though many projects in HIVE-blockchain and i decided to invest in this one

This project is like .

I also get a great return this week !