my target was to accumulate 10.000 BHT accomplished! do ...

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my target was to accumulate 10.000 BHT accomplished!
do you use this tribe?

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I don't even know what that tribe is! But, congratulations on meeting your goal.

broadhive ...
you should check on this community and start using the tag...

What is the tribe about? It seems like a general community people throw a tag at to get coin. I guess it has big aims and this is just the start?

no it is not a general cannot use the tag in any post
you can check this link in order to get a better view of Broadhive community

Ah okay. Thanks for the link. I got the wrong impression from the home-page!

Keep accumulating more #bht is going to give good returns in next few days. It has got exorbitant curation rewards.

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its not only accumulating ....i'm staking them ...all of them and not willing to sell them for the next 5 years


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Congratulations. Just discovered this tribe earlier this week, yet to begin post there but staking gradually there

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very nice ...get some BHT by this upvote just to get yourself started

Many thanks man

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