Microsoft offers some open source. Tesla Motor has open sourced. WayneTech funne ...

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Microsoft offers some open source. Tesla Motor has open sourced. WayneTech funnels its best technology to an insomniac vigilante who goes anywhere in Gotham except a support group to deal with the loss of his parents. #SuperheroSlanderSaturday #BadBusinessBureau


Neither Microsoft or Tesla r open source, Microsoft has gigantic tracking same or worse than Google, and Tesla is suing their former employees after years of manipulating public into thinking their patents are FREE.

I wrote "offers some". Microsoft has an official blog about their open source and a GitHub account. I am not sure what you're referring to about Tesla. Maybe you misunderstood about someone infringing a patent before it was open source or someone violated the open source license.

Tesla's no-sue policy claim is from 2014, &now there are a few ppl in court, not over patents, but over alleged stolen ideas. The whole thing is bottom line ridiculous, it seems that Tesla is paranoid over the competition & it looks like they are being sheer vindictive towards ex employees who were brash enough to quit on them and join Rivian.
Microsoft is not even in the bottom of my list, as for the Github they are recent new owners so it is unsurprising that they have the account there. I don't trust them.

The 2014 "no sue" policy has the keywords "good faith". If you can send a source I will look at it but what you are describing seems to be possibly employees who violated a noncompete agreement which would be "bad faith" and a separate issue from an open source license.

Statement was very clean, and it was repeated in multiple instances, not just in 2014, but from 2014, , they are isolating the former employees so that nobody from the branch will hire them.
For a company that builds an online reputation of an alleged benefactor of the human kind Tesla has some vile behavior. I hope the employees came out without repercussions and harassment, because that was also evident in past and reported by other people working there.
I think that papers for the filing are already submitted so you can take a look at them when time suits you the best.

More and more Elon Musk assimilates Edison's patterns, I just wait a day when he will roast an elephant...