I Got Started Using dCity With a Free Home

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@forykw is currently giving away cards to brand new dCity users. I got a card for a hotel to begin my city.

More than a day left to claim a free card if you haven't tried dCity yet. Details are here: https://peakd.com/hive-140217/@forykw/a-free-home-for-everyone


Thanks a lot for the tip :)

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Heheh! =) thanks mate!

I bought two more cards. With my next payout from Dlease I guess I need to get some workers from Monster Market.

You got it!

Tip - basic houses might be easier to start. They are very cheap too! And don't forget that when SIM is under 0.005 HIVE, then it is worth to buy SIM to print cards instead of using HIVE directly.

Ummm.. What's SIM?

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A HIVE-Engine token for the dcity.io game. Head to https://hive-engine.com and log with keychain for example. Via peakd you can also have some control via your wallet menu.

I looked it up after my comment, forgot to update it... I should probably buy some in case the prices boomed with people you invite~

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No financial advice, but because of the game tokenomics, the price will never go above 0.005 HIVE/SIM. This is because you can buy cards at 4 HIVE/card or 800 SIM/card. And since those numbers are locked (don't change) what it creates is a market where the ideal market price of SIM is 4 HIVE divided by 800 SIM = 0.005 HIVE/SIM.

When the market sells bellow that, all players will win less SIM in their cities because taxes increase. The moment the prices return back to 0.005, taxes can go to 0% and everyone gets max returns of SIM on their cities.

There is more into it, but this was the first economic balance introduced earlier in the year.

So, the moral of the story... If you are interested in buying the token, better off investing it on cards, in my view. You can win some HIVE directly by just holding SIM, but I don't yet feel that's a very attractive scheme. Some people prefer it, some others (like me) not so much.

Thanks for the tips. One thing I am trying to figure out is the citizen aspect. My dCity map has a 2% "Probability to bring new citizens in 2h". I understand the probability but when that random event does eventually occur and there is a new citizen; what does that mean in the game? Is a new citizen randomly assigned a role such as worker or criminal? Is there some advantage to trying to raise the probability so a new citizen event will randomly occur more often?

From https://dcity.io/info

Homeless / Immigrants
There is a 2%-30% chance based on popularity to receive Homeless / Immigrants card:
Homeless: 1 Population -1 Popularity
Immigrants: 2 Population -2 Popularity

The bigger your city becomes, the higher this percentage gets. And when it happens you get one of those two cards. Then, using Job Center (or many because each just gives you a 3% chance of conversion), you can convert them (happens randomly) to other citizens (also mentioned on the info page). It all depends on the type of city you want to build.

I would start by just trying to balance between workers and population as that's the main difficulty at the start. Usually, in the beginning, getting population is the hard part (workers slots are very easy, and this was why I decided to giveaway things that provide population). At the stage I am, is the opposite, I have TONES of population because I have very high popularity (which raises the effective population via multiplier).

Hope it helps 😎

Yes, that helps a lot. Thanks. I'll work on fine-tuning the balance of workers and population for now and get a Job Center when the amount of new citizens justifies the need. Hopefully someday I'll have the population boom your city has.😀

Thanks a lot for the tip :)

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Stake these on HE and they will give you passive Sim :D

Is tan replaying? tried yesterday morning... but did not work.

I haven't had any problems with Tan yet.
But it seems like you are correct :/

Lets try again !tan

Maybe it's time to have a dCity account?

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I actually just started playing dcity this morning! Seems pretty cool, can wait to see where this goes...

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Can go to something like this! If this serves as motivation.

Zaaaaamn! That’s crazy lol

I just visited your city. https://dcity.io/city?c=bigtakosensei
You already have scientists and artists. Nice.