Ridiculously cheap basic homes on the market for #dcity. 277 sim is lower than I ...

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Ridiculously cheap basic homes on the market for #dcity. 277 sim is lower than I’ve ever seen. That’s 1.3 hive with current sim prices.

Same thing for workers now with prices close to homeless cards.

If you want to grow your #dcity, then it’s cheaper than ever.


Thanks for the alert. I bought a basic home for my city :) I am going with the flow and don't know how and what to plan.

Ah, you can play it however you like. You can just keep an eye on the population/workers balance. Keep the unemployment at 0% and you will be fine.

Or you can calculate probabilities for everything and try to be as efficient as possible. Both is good.

If you wonder about anything, or what to do for. Do let me know, I love to help you out if you have any questions.

Thanks for the offer. I do need advice on how to proceed. Do you have a link to a post that describes the game plan?

I see that you have a factory, but you don’t get an income from it, because you do not have enough population yet.

This can happen, especially when you have just started. I would advise to just keep buying basic homes or luxury homes on the market. But do check if the price is good. It should be less than 400 sim. If it is less than 350 sim, then it is pretty good. If it is less than 300 then it is absolutely awesome.

You can also get population from citizen cards like homeless, immigrants, workers, scientists and artists, but generally a basic home is the best option.

In the end the game plan is simply to keep buying cards and then rebalance your city until unemployment is around 0%. That way your production cards are functioning well and toy get an income and you don’t pay unemployment fees that lower your income.

Damn! I missed it lol I still see some for 333. I need one more home to not be in the negative for my city! Going to try and scoop a little more SIM and get one then I'll be +2!

Sweet! Finally got my last basic home. Now my population is +2 and my income skyrocketed so that was sweet. I'm now making 30 SIM a day it looks like.

Cool, very nice. Now it starts to add up. I'm seeing the same thing with my dcity for invest4free.

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