Any DCity players on DBuzz or in the CTP Community? I know several LEO ...

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Any DCity players on DBuzz or in the CTP Community? I know several LEO members have big time cities.

Would love to meet up and talk strategy. Hit me up if you're interested.

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Hey jeanlucsr, I am in CTP as well as Leo Discord, I am not in DBuzz.

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Oh pls try @dbuzz for your microblogging needs 😉👍🏼

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Hey Rajat,
Thanks for joining in. You should check out, it's like Twitter, but on Hive. Great for short messages.

What's your dcity called?


Nice Military Complex you got there.
The Egypt background is also one of the best ones visually, besides Asia maybe.

Thanks @rarej,
Got lucky twice with buying cards. Once with a social aid office, once with a MIC. Sold the first one for 40 SWAP.HIVE (yes, a little cheap, but I wanted to BUIDL). The MIC I'm keeping :D...
Also got lucky with the Egypt backdrop for 1 SWAP.HIVE. Totally worth it. I think Asia or Atlantis would be cool too.

You have a nice dcity set up as well!! Closing in on that top 400 spot.

Selling the social aid office at the start was a good move. Especially if you don't plan on having much unemployed population at first. Also trying to get a MIC now, but the luck gods have said it's not my time yet.

Top 400 is definitely exciting as a milestone, but not much income Hive wise. Top 100 is where it's at it seems.

I saw you got your Social Aid Office :D...You are growing quick man!

Well, more and more the Hive rewards are dwarfed by the sim income from dcities in the top of the rankings.

I now get about 1300 sim per day, which is 6+ hive. The hive rewards I get are around 0.14 hive. Towards the top you will see similar ratios I think.

True, the ratio stays the same and SIM income is overruling. But that also means the higher you get, the higher that reward becomes because of the ratio, alongside your already huge SIM income.
Balanced cities will always have higher sim income.

True, but getting higher in the rankings is very hard.

It pays off to be critical what cards you keep and what cards you sell.

I’m interested! I play dCity very casually on a different account.

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Awesome. Let's set up something next week. Would be fun to talk a little bit.

What's your DCity called?

Totally interested. I just started last week and have a little dCITY of 57 people. I"m just learning the game but would love to talk strategy with others.

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Awesome! I'll definitely send you an invite for the brainstorm!

Cool 😎😎 i do play dCity. Would love to learn more through better strategies 😉👍🏼 some cards are expensive 😝😝

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Some cards are realllyy expensive indeed. Our dcities are about the same size I think.

I just started plaing dcity today! I was lured there by the nft art auctions! It looks complex, but I'm interested! (And I already have a huge art gallery!!!)

NFT Art and DCity, that's an awesome combination!

You could even make Dcity Art, I bet people would like to have that.

I don't play #DCity but I am interested in reading the marketing material from #CTPTalk! 😊💪

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Have you read @flaxz's guides already?

Not yet, but I did read @successforall's guides. do you have a link for @flaxz's guides?

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Sorry @chrisrice,
Missed several of your comments from last week

This is the free ebook:

And this is the IAAC guide:

Awesome @jeanlucsr, I think I mistyped the username though.

It was @invest4free's reviews that I saw 😎💪

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I’m an active dcity player and connected with ctp as well.