Hivecommerce Token, ticker symbol COM mining issuance has begun! If yo ...

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Hivecommerce Token, ticker symbol COM mining issuance has begun! If you stake HUSTLERM miner, HUSTLER dollar, or LIST tokens, you will see some COM show up in your wallet at some point! Also if you delegate Hive Power to @hivelist then you will start earning LIST! Big Day!

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I already have 2.182 COM in my H-E wallet!😊

Good start. You can stack more LIST and earn both ways- curation and staking rewards.

I see from your wallet that you're on your way to becoming a Hustler millionaire. Being a millionaire is a gateway to becoming a crimefighting vigilante so if someone starts going around Hive at night wearing their underwear on the outside of their outfit I'll know its you.😀

im also staking list for com it's a wise choice

Thanks for the reminder!!

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Thanks for reminding is airdrop still going bon list holders?

LIST is one of the mining tokens for COM. It is not an airdrop because there is no premine or presale. They are freshly issued tokens daily.

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So I received around 2 com with 8832 list , 25132 Hustler and some Hustlerm so I will receive com daily

Yes, there was an error in the initial launch of the HUSTLERM contract so it didn't actually pay out but the issue was quickly resolved and it will fire off today, so you will actually get a bit more depending on your HUSTLERM stake.

cool thanks for letting me know


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I have also received my first COM tokens :)


Thank you!

Awesome! I am glad everything worked right, at least the 2nd and 3rd round, lol. The HUSTLERM contract had a messup and didn't payout but it was quickly caught and fixed so it will pay out today

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Thanks for the COM, is there currently any benefit of staking COM?

There will be in about a month when it starts paying out daily drips of SIM and CTP

ok I have staked com that I receive

looks like we have to wait for a month to get com daily drip of ctp and sim
I think staking is a wise choice for now, don't you?

One question do I stake COM or hold it

If you want to get the daily payouts starting in phase 2, then you will need to stake it.

I see some COM trickling in...

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Got you a coupon code coming soon as well!

got some of the tokens

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I just noticed some COM tokens in my wallet. Nice. I'm stacking more LIST. I can't wait to position myself for eCommerce with crypto.