#danceweekend - Ellen Allien



for this #danceweekend, I have been thinking of the creator of this # tag, one of the biggest #music lovers on this chain, namely @uwelang. So, I picked an artist from Berlin, which we both enjoy, Ellen Allien.

Ellen Allien real name is Ellen Fraatz, and she was born in West Berlin. Yes, she is over 30 years old. We can say that her career is almost over 30 years old as she started DJ-ing in 1991,becoming a resident in 1992 in some major Berlin techno clubs.

She brought her first album in 2001 which is already 20 years ago.

Ellen Allien is a real power woman, where she is dominating a scene where males have the over hand. She is in the top for 30 years, which is a lot for techno.

Her productions, being it videos or life acts are full of energy and good vibes. She is a natural and does not need the image to sell.

I will close with the latest stream, which is a week old.

Hope you enjoy it. Party on!