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RE: Drum & Bass, Moving On & Hitting The Reset Switch

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Hey hey! I love dnb!

I’m actually an OG trance girl. There was a time that I couldn’t wrap my mind around anything other than trance (of many sub-genres). Then one day I heard booty house. Long story short, I’m more very diversed with my electric genre taste.

Trance (generally older trance only) is still my go to most times but next is dnb and breaks. There’s just something so deep about bnb that isn’t quite explainable.

Happy producing!


Hey Ana! Great to meet you here and it sounds like we have a similar musical upbringing! I was originally into trance around 1999-2004 before falling completely in love with liquid dnb from 2004 onwards!

Still listen to trance and break beat every now and again. In fact I recently released a 5 track Goa/trance EP that you might be interested in called Clouds of Memories which is a throw back to the old times 😁